Modern Family: Why Alex Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

Alex Dunphy is the smartest character on Modern Family and fans love watching her deal with her silly parents and her siblings who are so different from her. She often feels like she doesn’t fit in, but she stands her ground and always believes in herself, which is something to be proud of. It’s a lot of fun to watch Alex grow throughout the show’s 11 seasons.

The main characters have their own personalities and Alex definitely stands out when compared to her relatives. While she’s part of a large family, there are many reasons why Alex could be considered the protagonist of this popular sitcom.

From signing herself up for a therapy session to trying not to get involved with her family’s silly schemes, Alex was always more logical and practical than the other characters on the show.

This makes her a perfect main character, as she always has self-confidence and strength. If she was just as immature as her parents and siblings could be, she wouldn’t be quite so compelling, as she would fade into the background. Instead, Alex is always the one who knows how to solve problems or remove herself from a sticky situation. In many scenes, she was seen with her nose in a book, or she was more concerned with studying than whatever the other characters were worrying about.

In the season 5 episode “Under Pressure,” Alex decided to see a therapist as she was having trouble coping with the stress in her life. She said that she didn’t feel understood by her family members and that she always had to succeed. This was just one time when fans worried about Alex.

Fans can relate to Alex’s unique place in her family as she never felt like they could see things from her perspective. It was only in this episode that Claire admitted that Alex was living in a pressure cooker and that she had never realized how much work she did every day. Not everyone gets along perfectly with their siblings or other relatives, so this is an important part of Alex’s character arc.

Alex started changing over the years and she experienced what life had to offer other than just studying all the time. She had some love interests and went off to college.

When Alex didn’t get into Harvard, this made her realize that she had always tried to be perfect, but sometimes that just isn’t healthy. Alex can be seen as the main character on Modern Family because she has a clear, enthralling journey and she is definitely different and more mature in the series finale.

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