Minecraft Hardcore Server’s Journey To Beat the Game Visualized

A group of friends have finally beat The End within Minecraft on a dedicated Hardcore server and one of the players has compiled the data from their journey into a helpful graphic. Minecraft‘s endgame has been beaten before the thing that makes this specific story impressive is that it was defeated on Hardcore mode with a team of 13 players. This is the latest in a long history of players using Minecraft as a platform to indulge in their virtual adventuring fantasies.

Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games of all time since its initial release in November of 2011. Since then, the game has graced nearly every gaming platform imaginable with its wonderful gameplay that is jam-packed with reimg management and classic dungeon adventuring. The game itself has risen to the level of a generational icon as many players continue to find creative ways to build and adventure within its simple but expansive system. Recently, a Minecraft player lovingly recreated the Greendale Community College Study Room from the beloved sitcom, Community.

Reddit user 00plebian has released a graphic that helpfully breaks down their group’s journey towards beating Minecraft while playing on Hardcore mode. The group was 13 players total and if any one of the players died for any reason, they started over – as are the rules of Hardcore mode. The other adjustments that Hardcore mode brings consist of setting the world in question to the Hard difficulty as well. After roughly three months of trying and failing, this dedicated group of comrades have finally felled the Ender Dragon and beat the game all while avoiding the many imgs of death within.

The graphic shows that the group went through 38 worlds before beating the game on their 39th world with a total of 206 hours of play across 95 days. This difficult undertaking is sure to be placed within the halls of Minecraft legend alongside its many speedruns on record. But what makes this journey standout is that 00plebian took the time to record their group’s every activity and display it in a way so we can all see just how difficult this adventure was.

While the core formula of Minecraft has stayed the same since its release almost ten years ago, Mojang has continued updating the game in various ways that still keep the game fresh and new for its players. A large update dubbed Caves & Cliffs is on the way and it looks to change the fundamentals of mining within the game, while also adding updated and new biomes with new enemies for players to encounter. As always, it’s a good time to be a Minecraft player.

Source: 00plebian

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