Minecraft Ancient Debris Locations & Best Uses Explained

There are many different rare types of ore that players will need to mine while adventuring in Minecraft. While many know to look for Diamond or Emerald while deep in the caves, or to pay careful attention to the blue glint of Lapis for enchanting, several other rare ore types require a journey to the Nether to be found. Ancient Debris is a rare type of ore that only spawns in the Nether. Players will want to keep an eye out for the craggy variation in the Netherrack as they explore, as this block drops an important scrap players will want to collect.

Ancient Debris can only be mined using Minecraft’s Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe. The ore spawns between levels 8 and 22, with most generally being found on the y 15. Only two veins will generate per chunk, making these blocks an important find when players stumble across them. Ancient Debris cannot be mined using explosives, and the block is entirely fire-resistant. This means that if a player drops it in a pit of lava, instead of burning, it will float peacefully until collected.

Players will want to collect Ancient Debris for the Netherite Scrap it produces when smelted in a Furnace or Blast Furnace. Ancient Debris is the primary img for Netherite Scrap, which can be crafted with Gold Ingots to produce the Netherite Ingots. These fire-resistant, extra-strong ingots are used to upgrade Diamond tools and armor to Netherite-grade gear. To craft Minecraft’s Netherite Ingot, players will need four Netherite Scraps and 4 Gold Bars. Only 2 Netherite Scraps can be obtained per smelted Ancient Debris, so collecting as many as possible is crucial for obtaining the durable ingots.

Thankfully, players won’t need as many of Minecraft’s Netherite Ingots as they will need Diamonds when crafting their special set of tools and armor. Players only require one Netherite Ingot to upgrade any diamond gear to Netherite grade. This greatly cuts back on the amount of Ancient Debris a player will need to find to craft their first upgraded set, and will allow players to stockpile their extra Netherite Scraps for extra tools and weapons.

Because players will need to get to the Nether, and have the reimgs to mine and survive there, finding Ancient Debris is a late-game Minecraft task for many players. Ancient Debris and Netherite were added in the 1.16 Minecraft update which overhauled the Nether, giving players more to explore as they wander from their portal and into the burning wastelands. These new challenges are worth the journey for those who locate Ancient Debris, giving them access to quality Minecraft armor and tools.

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