Men In Black: International – Ranking The Main Characters Based On Intelligence

The first Men in Black movie was a huge hit when it was released in 1997 and still holds up as an incredibly fun and funny sci-fi action-comedy. However, the franchise has failed to reach those heights again with the recent reboot attempt, Men in Black: International, proving to be a critical and commercial failure.

The movie tried to reignite things with a new group of characters, but they ended up being far less entertaining than the ones audiences loved in the previous movies. While some of the new characters were intelligent, others made such poor decisions that made the movie more frustrating than fun.

Agent H is meant to be the new hotshot MIB agent who impresses the audience with his heroics while also being funny. Chris Hemsworth brings plenty of charm to the role and is a big part of the reason the movie isn’t a total bore, but Agent H is so childish it is hard to like him.

While there are plenty of heroes whose carefree attitude is used to good effect, Agent H is so immature that he constantly threatens the mission and he is never held responsible for this.

Part of the fun of this franchise is the various alien creatures who are introduced and become part of the story. Vungus is a high-profile alien on Earth whom Agent H is assigned to chaperone during his stay.

Vungus and Agent H are old friends who have a lot of fun together, drinking and dancing in a club. But then Vungus eventually tells Agent M that he is carrying a very important item and that his life is in danger, which makes the audience wonder why he took so long to mention this. Dancing was probably not the best use of his time.

Early on in the movie, alien beings known as the Twins, thanks to their ability to duplicate, seem to be the main villains of the movie. They kill anyone who gets in their way and battle the MIB while trying to recover a powerful weapon.

However, it is later revealed that the Twins are actually trying to get the weapon so they can protect their planet from a more powerful alien known as the Hive. Given that MIB battles dangerous aliens, the Twins really should have explained their dilemma and save themselves a lot of trouble.

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