Mega Man: 10 Best Bosses In The Franchise, Ranked

The sci-fi video-game franchise Mega Man (or Rokkuman as it is known in Japan) has expanded over to 50 games since the 1980s, spawning vast mythology of memorable villains whom the ‘Blue Bomber’ encounters. While some of these bosses failed to make an impact (Top Man and Bubble Man being major disappointments), other characters like Cut Man, Slash Man, and Metal Man have had a massive impact on the game series.

As per the games’ storyline, most of these villainous characters are sent by Mega Man’s creator Dr. Wily, who wishes to control the titular protagonist under his Robot Masters.

Skull Man easily has one of the coolest-looking armors in Mega Man. He owes his name to his skull motifs on his armor as well as the skull-shaped energy barriers that he resorts to for protection. His combat skills are marked by balanced offense and defense and he can be quite deadly for he’s proficient at mimicking Mega Man’s moves.

So, if Mega Man moves or attacks, Skull Man would do the same making it tough to counter his attacks. While the Dust Crusher is his main weakness (that too after seven hits), Ring Boomerang serves as an effective weapon to pierce through his energy barrier.

Flash Man is a highly powerful Robot Master, mainly for his ability to control time. His special weapon in this regard is the Time Stopper that allows him to pause time for a few seconds. He makes use of this frozen time to attack his enemies with a barrage of shots from his blaster.

While Time Man has similar abilities, he can only slow down time as opposed to Flash Man’s power to completely pause it. Metal Man’s Metal Blade and Clash Man’s Crash Bomber serve as his weaknesses, making him one of the few Robot Masters to have multiple weaknesses.

Debuting in Mega Man 8, Astro Man might seem like an introverted Robot Master given his calm demeanor and childlike fascination with the stars and hide-and-seek. And even though he’s not the most reliable fighter, he can be quite a threat given his ability to control devastating meteor storms as a part of his Meteor Crush move.

He can also create a virtual cosmic space of his own by controlling certain dimensions of the space-time continuum. On top of that, he can confuse his enemies and then attack them with two orbs that usually levitate and revolve around him.

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