MCU Theory: Scarlet Witch Gave Quicksilver Powers (Not The Mind Stone)

Scarlet Witch might have given Quicksilver powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on some new information in WandaVision. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) joined the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron after originally being featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s post-credits scene. The powerful twins originally posed a threat to the Avengers with their telekinetic and super-speed powers.

The MCU didn’t spend too much time on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s origins, but they were introduced as “miracles” created by Hydra. Baron von Strucker conducted experiments with Loki’s scepter and the Infinity Stone that rested inside it. While these experiments killed most of the volunteers for the program, the Maximoff twins were the only two survivors. Since the MCU couldn’t follow the comics and make them mutants at the time, having their powers come from an Infinity Stone was the logical next step. However, Marvel has since quietly planted the seeds for a possible retcon. There have been hints that the Infinity Stone awoke latent powers inside them both, which has left many wondering if Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will ultimately be revealed as mutants.

One of the many benefits of WandaVision is Marvel Studios finally having the time to explore more of Scarlet Witch’s story, including her past. Episode 8 focused almost entirely on what Wanda has gone through in her life, and the flashbacks to her younger days proved to be quite intriguing. While WandaVision is transfixed on what this means for Wanda, it also raised questions about the nature of Quicksilver’s abilities. In fact, could Scarlet Witch even be the answer to Quicksilver’s powers?

One of the big potential takeaways from WandaVision episode 8 is the possibility Wanda Maximoff was born with magic powers. A flashback to the night her parents died from a Stark bomb ended right before viewers could know for sure. The young Wanda was shown reaching her hand out towards the beeping bomb, but Agatha Harkness yanked Wanda out of the memory before we could see what happened next. Agatha proposes that Wanda unknowingly used a Probability Hex to keep the bomb from exploding. Wanda refutes this, the it didn’t explode for two days, so, Agatha think there’s more there. If Wanda did unconsciously create a Probability Hex around the bomb, that proves she always had some level of magic powers.

The next memory Wanda revisits is the all-important Hydra experiment with the Infinity Stone. The scene shows the Mind Stone immediately react to her presence and go to her. Wanda sees a future version of herself in the full Scarlet Witch comic look after touching the Infinity Stone, and it is after these experiments take place she knows of her powers. However, Agatha proposes exposure to the Infinity Stone amplified her powers. The ancient witch suggests Wanda’s magic powers would’ve died without that interaction. While this is just a theory of Agatha’s, she has been around for hundreds of years and clearly has a strong understanding of magic. She understands Wanda uses Chaos Magic and is the Scarlet Witch by the end of the episode.

If Agatha is right and Wanda was born with magic powers the Infinity Stone then amplified, this creates a giant question about Quicksilver. Wanda having some magic-related abilities as a child is what the Mind Stone responded to. But there’s no sign Pietro had secret super-speed powers as a kid. More importantly, Quicksilver’s abilities are not based on magic. If he wasn’t born with super-speed, there would be nothing for the Mind Stone to amplify. And, an Infinity Stone giving someone the ability to run fast isn’t consistent with what they’ve done before.

The Infinity Stones have created multiple heroes and villains throughout the MCU, and each time the recipient of the powers is tied to the Infinity Stone responsible. The Space Stone gave Carol Danvers a variety of space-related abilities, the Time Stone gave Doctor Strange a way to bend time to his will, and the Mind Stone gave Vision a mind of his own. We’ve even seen Malekith pursue the power of the Reality Stone so he could change reality as we know it. The powers coming from the Infinity Stones make sense, even when it came to Scarlet Witch. Her powers were originally defined as telekinetic, so the ability to do things with her mind lines up with what the Mind Stone could unlock.

However, the oddity in this line of thinking has always been Quicksilver. There is no correlation between the Mind Stone and super-speed. If anything, the one Infinity Stone that may have given someone such powers would be the Space Stone since it can be used for travel and teleportation. While it’s possible the Infinity Stones don’t only grant powers tied to the power of the individual artifact, that explanation makes more sense than the powers being completely random. This leaves us once again wondering how Quicksilver got his powers then, and that’s where Scarlet Witch might come into play.

After WandaVision episode 8, it is possible Scarlet Witch gave Quicksilver his powers. This could’ve happened at various points in their lives without Wanda fully realizing that she did it either. The show has made it clear that even now Wanda has no idea of the full capacity of her powers. Wanda is controlling an entire town and running illusions miles away from where she is without even trying. Agatha also confirmed Wanda has the ability to create life and alter the DNA of people, so this could be what she did for Pietro in the past.

We’ve also already seen Wanda’s powers be the conduit for someone getting abilities. Monica Rambeau has superpowers after passing through the magical Hex barrier Wanda created three times. Wanda didn’t intend for this to happen, but it shows that her powers can create superpowers in other people, especially with repeated exposure. This has also been proven with Billy and Tommy having powers. If this is what her powers can do unconsciously, it is quite believable Wanda could’ve given Pietro powers at some point during their childhood. Since they were so close, Wanda may have wanted Pietro to be special like her, and that subconscious desire manifested itself secretly with Pietro. This would also explain why the only other person to survive Hydra’s experiments is related to Scarlet Witch and set up the possibility of Wanda being behind creating more powered people in the MCU.

If WandaVision does reveal that Scarlet Witch gave Quicksilver powers, this could pave the way for Wanda to create more mutants in the MCU. The franchise has so far not been able to use X-Men characters, but that can now change after Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Marvel Studios hasn’t announced how they plan on integrating a section of Marvel lore that is big enough to support its own cinematic universe. Still, Marvel can retroactively be revealed that a small number of mutants have been hiding this whole time. Perhaps the X-gene has been dormant for decades due to some unknown event, and Wanda’s powers can be what reactivates the mutant gene around the world. This could allow prominent characters like Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine to have ties to the past while giving the MCU a new generation of young mutants.

Not only would this potentially help the X-Men’s integration into the MCU, but this particular reveal could also be used to give Pietro and Wanda a key part of the mutants’ comic history. They are some of the earliest mutants to appear in Marvel Comics, and connecting them both to the history of mutants in the MCU would be a great way to honor that. Wanda being both a magic-user and a mutant would line up with her complicated comic past. Pietro becoming a mutant would give his short-lived MCU story one additional connection to the comics. This could make Quicksilver one of the original mutants in the MCU while allowing Wanda to be the catalyst for a rapid expansion of mutants and a key character after WandaVision in X-Men storylines.

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