Masked Singer: Season 5 Clues Include Oscar Noms Suggesting BIG Celeb Contestants

It hasn’t even premiered and already The Masked Singer season 5 has more surprises than ever. That’s not all though: the stats from this season suggest some of the biggest celebrity names so far will be hiding behind the all-new masks. As the excitement brews with each new mask and clue revealed, fans are busy analyzing this season’s clues. While it’s too early to help in determining the identity of any specific celebrity, the stats are very useful in determining what type of celebrities viewers can expect.

So far this season, fans have seen four costumes released on social media: Grandpa Monster, Chameleon, Phoenix, and Black Swan. A sneak peek of the program showed a glimpse of a pig and what looked like a hedgehog. Fox announced its first change in host since the show’s beginning. Due to a positive COVID-19 test, Nick Cannon is being temporarily replaced this season by comedian Niecy Nash. If that isn’t enough to make this season more interesting than ever, producers also added a wildcard twist. Wildcard contestants will crash this seasons 10 regular competitor’s party

Even with all of the new things happening, the most exciting thing about this season will likely be the contestants themselves. The clues released are that this season’s singers have a combined 26 Grammy nominations and nine multi-platinum singles. This isn’t that surprising for a singing show. We’ve seen some huge athletes so three Super Bowl appearances and two world records for this season isn’t that high comparatively. Not even when adding the six gold medals this season is said to have. But the big surprise of the season comes in the form of actors. This group has four academy award nominations.

This news already has fans speculating that they will see either several great actors who have one or two nominations or one phenomenal actor with four nominations. However, there is another possibility. All academy awards don’t go-to actors. It’s possible these nominations were for best song and are related to the singing accolades already given. That said, however, the last time the show made a big deal out of having an Oscar nominee it was actor Mickey Rourke. Rourke was Gremlin and he famously self eliminated in that seasons’ biggest shocker.

It’s pretty safe to say that either way those four academy award nominations spell A-list celebrities. Each season has outdone the last in terms of bigger and bigger celebrities and the clues for season five definitely make it seem like that pattern is going to continue. With barely over a week to go fans are chomping at the bit to get every clue they can about the identities of this season’s anonymous celebrities so for now it appears checking out previous oscar nominees is a good place to start.

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