Marvel’s Most Innocent Hero is Turning into a Cold Blooded Killer

Warning: contains spoilers for Power Pack #4

Marvel Comics is turning their most innocent hero into a murderer in a new preview for Power Pack #4. The sibling hero team Power Pack is in trouble leading their youngest member – Katie Power – to have an identity crisis mid-fight.

This series from writer Ryan North and artist Nico Leonhas focuses on the effect of Kamala’s Law on Marvel’s youngest group of heroes. The team needed an approved superhero mentor in order to keep saving the day. They found a mentor, but it turned out that their mentor was a villain with top-notch hacking skills. In the previous issue, this villain – the Wizard – had sapped the Power Pack of their powers. Now, their powers appear limited or gone, while the Wizard seems to have gained their abilities.

Kamala’s Law is wreaking havoc with this team’s ability to save the day. Instead of helping these young heroes develop, their “mentor” is causing major problems. The system in place for this legislation clearly needs some work and in the following pages, fans can see that this situation is becoming overly stressful and even character changing:


Katie Power – known as Energizer – can absorb and project energy. Usually, she uses her powers for good, but sometimes, heroes find themselves in situations where the lines begin to blur. Normally Katie is very careful of how she uses her powers so she doesn’t hurt innocent bystanders. Now, the Wizard has pushed Katie to a point where she is becoming reckless. With his taunting, the Wizard is showing that he is a master of manipulation. While trying to hit the Wizard, Energizer nearly hits several workers in the area. She would have actually hit them had her brother not intervened.

As if almost hitting innocents wasn’t bad enough, when this is pointed out to Katie, she brushes it off. Then she reveals that her actual goal was not just to stop the Wizard, but to kill him. This is a dark line for such a young hero to be crossing. Marvel’s young heroes have taken a dark turn with this issue and the ramifications of this scene should be large. Katie Power has shifted from trying to save the day to trying to murder someone – even it if it’s a villain. A hero’s role is to stop villains and apprehend them in order to obtain justice. Now Katie is overstepping her bounds by trying to take justice into her own hands based on her own perspective while in a flurry of emotions. Fans will be able to see the outcome of this fight, and the fallout it might bring about, when Power Pack #4 releases on March 3, 2021.

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