Marvel’s Avengers Update To Add XP Grind, Rewards Will Be Less Random

The grind in Marvel’s Avengers will soon require much more effort, since the next-gen update on March 18 is set to usher in an XP rework and alter the randomness of cosmetic items. In most role-playing titles, the number of XP needed to level up increases with each new level gained. The system in Marvel’s Avengers functions as somewhat of a straight line, though, meaning leveling up from 12 to 13 requires the same amount of XP as going from 49 to 50.

As a result, players can build their character level at a fairly quick rate. It’s possible this may contribute to the reason why players drop the game so quickly. The ability to breeze through the level 50 cap, in addition to the lack of meaningful endgame content, leaves even the most ardent fans few reasons to stick around long-term. Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix are seemingly hanging their hats on hopes that upcoming changes and Hawkeye’s Operation Future Imperfect will pull in newcomers and lapsed players.

The update on March 18 is introducing more than Hawkeye and next-gen upgrades. A post on Square Enix‘s website notes a rework concerning XP and cosmetics will also feature in the forthcoming patch. To address level-related pacing issues, Crystal Dynamics will increase the amount of XP needed to level up, a change players should notice around level 25. The closer a character gets to 50, the longer it’ll take to obtain the next level. Notably, this change should only affect character level and have no bearing on power level, the post clarified. Those who’ve already reached level 50 need not worry about this, but players who want to level up quicker are advised to do so before March 18.

Cosmetics are receiving a rework of their own, since the developer wants to provide “more player agency and clarity about how to obtain [cosmetics] by removing randomness from the process.” Most items are currently available by chance in strongboxes or the cosmetic vendor Chastity’s store. To add more choice to the equation, Crystal Dynamics is temporarily disabling random item drops. Previously obtained cosmetics aren’t going anywhere, however. Plus, these items will return to Chastity’s shop once her functionality receives an overhaul that will also allow players to purchase items with Units. It’s unclear when exactly changes to the vendor’s functionality will go live.

All of the above alterations should directly impact the overall balance of Marvel’s Avengers. How well it may work in practice remains to be seen, of course, but this could mark the first steps towards setting the adventure on a much sturdier path forward. Yet, there’s also the possibility that a longer grind for leveling will only serve to further frustrate users.

That Crystal Dynamics is able to implement these changes fairly soon after launch could be a boon in the long run. To a degree, there still exists a level of interest for the title. And after the cancellation of Anthem’s 2.0 initiative, onlookers are much more likely to closely keep tabs on the potential for a Marvel’s Avengers redemption arc.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; the next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will launch on March 18.

Source: Square Enix

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