Marvel’s Alien Begins With A Gruesome Warning In New Preview

The first issue of Marvel Comics’ new Alien series is almost here, and the publisher has just released a new preview for the first issue, featuring a grisly and gruesome message. In the released teaser images, the main protagonist, Gabriel Cruz, can be seen both in his present and past, being one of the lucky few members of his crew to survive a horrifying encounter with the series’ iconic xenomorphs, the most deadliest threat the galaxy has ever seen. However, while Cruz somehow survived the experience, it’s possible that not everything is as it seems, and his interactions with the xenomorphs may have just begun in this new series.

Marvel’s new series will be coming from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Salvador Larroca, with Inhyuk Lee providing the incredible cover art. While Dark Horse Comics had long been the comics publisher for the Alien franchise, Marvel Comics recently gained the license after its parent company Disney purchased 20th Century Fox in 2019. This included all of its valuable IP, including the Alien franchise as well as Predator, whose comics license also went to Marvel.

Now, Marvel has been building up the hype and excitement, and even released a trailer for its new Alien series. Based upon these teases and preview images, Marvel’s Alien is going to be just as gruesome and terrifying as the classic films, and the xenomorphs are going to be just as lethal. Reminiscent of the filmd, one of the first images depicts a a barely conscious person held within a space pod inside a larger ship. From this person’s fading perspective, a message can be seen, written in blood, sending a dire warning for those on the outside. Here’s the preview images and synopsis for Alien #1 from Marvel Comics:

While the warning on the pod is grim enough, it’s also frighteningly ambiguous. Does the message mean that an alien is inside the ship, or does it mean that the alien in inside whoever is trapped in the pod, ready to burst forth from his chest as a young xenomorph? It seems likely that the person in the pod is Cruz himself, potentially explaining his survival, while it looks as though the rest of his team, working for Weyland-Yutani, seemingly did not. Whatever the case may be, Marvel’s Alien promises to be just as intense and iconic as the films when the first issue arrives on comic book store shelves this March.

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