Marvel Strike Force: Best Real-Time Arena Teams

Marvel Strike Force is a mobile game that has generated over 10+ million downloads, and the Real-Time Arena is a great way to score some great rewards with the right teams. The combinations are endless, and many teams from the Blitz, Arena, and Raid modes currently in the top tiers are viable in Real-Time Arena. There is a catch, though, where Real-Time Arena can have some player restrictions where finding the right teams can prove challenging.

For Real-Time Arena in Marvel Strike Force, the goal is not to place higher. Instead, the goal is to complete objectives that help players reach different reward levels. Players will have to use various characters to fill up the meters for objectives and get rewards. For example, a player might need to use Beast, She-Hulk, and use 600 Bio character abilities. Since the lineup is ever-changing, getting some solid choices for teams will prove invaluable to getting the rewards quickly to focus on other modes.

When it comes to the teams in Real-Time Arena for Marvel Strike Force, the focus will be on either one or two-character teams because of the restrictions against players that might come about. For example, an excellent single-player team to work with will have Phoenix surrounded by four lower-level characters or even Ghost Rider with the same surrounding four. Since team power is the current matching factor, make sure either Phoenix or Ghost Rider is at a very high level of at least 100k power or higher to take full advantage of the disparity.

Phoenix is preferred because she can vanish the other players so they can get their abilities off if they are part of the objectives for the week. Another reason to use Phoenix is that her unique ability can quickly get knockouts and wins against lower-leveled characters. A great two-team matchup is having Baron Zemo along with Red Skull. Their synergy works well with each other, and pairing them with X-23 can crush teams in no time.

Even having Phoenix, Hela, or Ebony Maw in the mix with them can cause many problems against other teams. Finally, getting all five of the Black Order characters at higher levels will cause other players grief and be the strongest overall team. If choosing to match power against power, not many groups can match up well against them except for a team with Ultron, Phoenix, and Black Bolt. In other words, an entire Legendary team must get used, which will require a lot of work to get. Until then, stay safe with the single-player teams and switch characters as is necessary to finish the objectives to get great loot.

Marvel Strike Force is available for Android, and iOS

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