Marvel Settles The Wolverine vs. Black Panther Debate

In a preview for Marvel Comics’ upcoming issue of Avengers, a debate may just get settled over who would win in a fight between Wolverine and the Black Panther. Both characters are iconic heroes in the Marvel Universe, though they also embody and represent an age-old question that’s long been held by fans: which Marvel metal is stronger, adamantium or vibranium? With the tournament of the Phoenix Force in full swing, Logan and King T’Challa will be pitted against one another as its hosts, potentially getting the opportunity to prove once and for all who wields the stronger fictional metal in Marvel Comics.

Wolverine’s entire body and lethal claws are covered in the nearly indestructible adamantium thanks to experimentations done on him by Weapon X, while Black Panther’s suit, weapons, and technology are derived from vibranium, the most valuable reimg held by his nation of Wakanda. Both metals are incredibly powerful, and have respectively proven themselves as effective defenses, weapons, and tools multiple times in the Marvel Universe. Now, the Phoenix Force may actually help answer the question of which metal is the best and strongest, as it’s been searching for a worthy host amongst several beings on Earth, forcing them to fight one another while providing them with portions of its power.

Logan and T’Challa are among the chosen contenders, and Avengers #43 will see the two forced to fight one another. While the Black Panther has already bested the Man-Thing and the Squadron Supreme’s Nighthawk, this issue marks Wolverine’s first round wielding the power of the Phoenix. Avengers #43 is written by Jason Aaron with art by Javier Garrón, with the cover art from Leinil Francis Yu. Here’s the preview images and synopsis for the issue from Marvel Comics, seemingly indicating that Wolverine may just be the victor with his adamantium:

As the preview images reveal, Wolverine and Black Panther debate their respective metal’s efficacy to deal with the power of the Phoenix, with each of them seeing their own as the superior alloy. While Logan recommends that T’Challa just tap out due to his adamantium’s indestructible nature and extremely lethal claws, T’Challa counters that his own img of vibranium founded his kingdom, and that is has the power to absorb the Phoenix’s power. However, it seems as though the Black Panther spoke too soon, as the Phoenix refuses to be contained by his vibranium suit. This provides Wolverine with the opportunity to deliver what looks to be a final strike, indicating that Wolverine and his adamantium will be the victor and that he’ll advance to his next fight in the Phoenix Tournament as the issue continues.

The synopsis for Avengers #43 also reveals that only a handful of contenders remain as the Phoenix is narrowing down its choices to be its new host. Meanwhile, Thor will be leading the remaining Avengers who weren’t or are no longer in the tournament, though the reveal in the previous issue that the Phoenix has claimed to be Thor’s true mother is certainly going to complicate things. In any case, when it comes to the Phoenix Force, it looks like adamantium trumps vibranium thanks to Wolverine’s apparent win over the Black Panther in the upcoming issue from Marvel Comics.

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