Marvel Pokes Fun At Game Of Thrones’ Bad Ending

Warning: contains minor spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23!

The ending of Game Of Thrones is widely debated among fans of the series, and Marvel just poked fun at it in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23. The King In Black crossover event has many of Marvel’s heroes fighting symbiote dragons that are being controlled by Knull, the symbiote god who is trying to conquer the Earth. These dragons have been a huge threat to the Marvel Universe. Well, Miles Morales is the most recent hero to come across one of these dragons and he not only survives the encounter without getting infected by the symbiote, but his joking ways in the midst of battle do not disappoint.

Even though Game Of Thrones ended back in May of 2019, fans have not stopped debating if the ending was good or bad. The majority of fans will say it was bad and yes, it has ended up on many “Worst TV Show Endings” lists. Marvel is currently tackling the television medium themselves, so hopefully this dig doesn’t come back to bite them and set their multiple Disney+ shows on the worst TV endings lists. Although with the way WandaVision is going, we don’t suspect that will happen.

Fans know that Spider-Man enjoys throwing out hilarious quips while taking on a baddie, and Miles does not hold back the obvious Game Of Thrones joke when going up against the dragon that is threatening to destroy his school. In true Spider-Man fashion he yells out, “You mad cuz that show you were on keeps ending up on ‘worst TV endings of all time’ lists?” as he approaches the threat. Surprisingly, he starts to follow up with a hint that he actually liked the controversial ending saying he doesn’t care what anyone says…but is unfortunately cut off when the dragon’s tail snaps his web.

While continuing to fight the dragon, Miles does something totally amazing — he uses his webbing to ride it. Yes, he goes full-on Daenerys  and seemingly brings his joke around full circle in doing so. It is at this moment that he realizes this is no ordinary dragon — this dragon is being controlled by a symbiote, which is something he can sympathize with since he had a similar experience back in the Absolute Carnage story line. Miles even mentions how awful it is to be under that control, further strengthening his bond with the dragon. One powerful venom blast later and he is able to free the dragon from Knull’s control completely, likely making a friend for life in the powerful beast — not a bad thing to have on your side.

After Miles gets a distress call from Ms. Marvel, his new dragon friend happily offers him a ride, thankful to finally be free of the King in Black‘s grasp. So did Miles Morales just become the new Mother of Dragons? Fans are most definitely hoping to see him riding on the back of his dragon friend in future issues. But most importantly — did Miles really like that Game Of Thrones ending? Unfortunately we may never know how he was going to end that sentence or his true thoughts on one of the worst TV show endings of all time. Spider-Man #23written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Carmen Carnero, is available at your local comic book shop or online.

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