Marvel Just Revealed One Hero Would Decimate Harry Potter’s Voldemort

Warning: spoilers for Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18

While Harry Potter’s Voldemort is an extremely powerful wizard, he is vulnerable to love, and because of that Marvel has just revealed that Ms. MarvelKamala Khan, would decimate him. In Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18 Kamala’s ally Amulet learns that his powers are amplified by the power of love, meaning that he would be quite a match for he who shall not be named. When Amulet and Ms. Marvel are fighting Stormranger, his power grows as Kamala Khan’s friends wholeheartedly worry about her. So sure that this love is unconditional, Kamala’s confidence grows, and she confronts Stormranger without fear, defeating her.

In the Harry Potter books, Voldemort attacks baby Harry with a killing curse, except it rebounds killing him and leaving the babe with his signature lightning bolt scar. The reason for this is because of his mother’s true and unconditional love for him. The way Dumbledore explains it to Harry is that being loved so deeply by someone, even after they are gone, gives them a lasting protection. When Lily Potter sacrifices herself to protect her son, it causes the counter-charm of sacrificial protection to occur and save Harry’s life, but it also gravely injures Voldemort. This act proves that the love someone has for another can protect them against anything, even death.

While Kamala’s evil opposite, Stormranger, is no Voldemort, she is a powerful Kree nanosuit that Kamala brought back to Earth from an alien world. The armor acts almost like a symbiote in that it draws from Kamala’s life energy to feed itself. The young hero knew she had to give it up when it was so upset she would not kill an enemy that it detached itself from her in order to do it itself. Ms. Marvel then destroyed Stormranger, but in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18 by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Minkyu Jung, she’s back and stronger than ever. If it wasn’t for her reappearance, fans might not know just how powerful Amulet truly is.

Kamala is wavering with her confidence while fighting her old armor, but once Amulet and her discover his power really does come from love, that all goes out the window. The fact that her friends care so deeply for her that their love amplifies Amulet’s powers to be limitless is just like the love Harry’s mother has for him. Both act as a shield to protect, proving that love is the strongest power of them all.

If Amulet was to ever take on Voldemort, the wizard would not even have a chance. If he had been there during the battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort would not have made it even remotely as far as he did. With Amulet’s powers absorbing the love and care that Harry and his friends have for each other, Voldemort would have been toast. The power of love is very strong, something that Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, realizes but Voldemort doesn’t.

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