Mank: 10 True Hollywood Stories That Would Make Great Movies

One of the movies being talked about as a serious 2021 Oscar contender is David Fincher’s Mank. The movie stars Gary Oldman as Herman Mankiewicz, who wrote Citizen Kane. It is a unique and entertaining biography that looks into the old days of Hollywood to tell a fascinating show business story few have heard.

Of course, Hollywood is filled with these sorts of strange tales that could be made into movies themselves. From the behind-the-scenes troubles of famous productions to stories of murder and scandal within the movie business, these true Hollywood stories deserve to be brought to the big screen.

While Jaws is now considered one of the greatest movies of all time, the production of the movie was quite a disaster from beginning to end. And it is just that sort of history that makes this a true underdog story worthy of its own movie.

Steven Spielberg was a young director who didn’t get much respect from his crew while also having to deal with feuds among the actors, Robert Shaw’s heavy drinking, and the infamous malfunctioning shark. It could be really entertaining to see how young Spielberg turned all this madness into cinematic brilliance.

One of the darker periods in American history was in the 1950s when many screenwriters and filmmakers were labeled as Communists and blacklisted from working in Hollywood by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Famed director Elia Kazan was one of the most notable names to testify at the hearing and give names of colleagues he claimed to be Communists. Not only did Kazan never express any remorse for this, but many speculate his movie On the Waterfront starring Marlon Brando was an allegory for justifying his testimony.

One of the greatest noir movies ever made is Double Indemnity and the quality of the movie should come as no surprise given the talent behind it. The movie was the result of a collaboration between Billy Wilder, one of the most celebrated screenwriters of all time, and Raymond Chandler, one of the greatest crime novelists of all time.

While their partnership delivered a masterpiece, they reportedly drove each other insane. From fights over office blinds to Wilder flaunting his womanizing in front of Chandler, these two were total opposites. The odd couple pairing could make for a hilarious Hollywood comedy.

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