Klaus Mikaelson & 9 Other Antagonists Who Overshadowed The Show’s Lead

The lead character in a television show isn’t always the most likable. In fact, there are several instances in which the protagonist brings the overall quality of the series down. The plot often spends so much time focusing on them that they neglect the other characters, who have become far more interesting.

Antagonists are created for the audience to be against, but no matter how bright or dull the hero of a story is, some villains steal the spotlight. It makes it difficult to root for the main character when the person they’re fighting against is so much more entertaining. If they’re well-developed characters, the audience’s interest can easily shift from the good guys to the bad ones.

It’s not hard to compete with Elena Gilbert. She was never the scene-stealer or the main draw of the series. In fact, the villains in The Vampire Diaries are so well written that any one of them is often a more riveting protagonist than Elena.

But Klaus Mikaelson stands above them all. His sass and his nonchalant attitude in the face of all the horrible things he did differentiates him from the other characters. Fans love him so much that he even got his own spinoff series.

It could be argued that Serena is the worst character in The Handmaid’s Tale, as much as it could be argued that she’s the best. Her actions are despicable and the way she treats Jude in the first two seasons is sickening. There’s also no forgetting that she helped establish the Republic of Gilead.

But its the complexity of Serena’s character that makes her the most compelling. No matter how many horrible things she does, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for her. Serena helps drive the plot in several different directions, and each choice she makes radically changes the game.

Unlike the original series, most of the characters in Fate: The Winx Saga were either dull or flat-out unlikeable. There are worst protagonists than Bloom, but there are also a lot better ones. She was a stereotypical teenage girl who wanted to find out more about her past, so in some ways, it’s a story that’s been told 1,000 times before.

Beatrix, on the other hand, was the character the Winx girls had to watch out for. She was always up to something suspicious and her off-putting attitude made viewers wary of her. More information about Beatrix came to light throughout the season and learning about her was one of the only plotlines that made the live-action reboot worth the watch, according to the opinion of some fans.

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