King Of The Hill: 10 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Peggy Has Done, Ranked

The matriarch from King of the Hill has some insecurity issues. It’s not that she has any problems with confidence, necessarily, but rather her ego getting ahead of her and putting her in threatening or even dangerous situations. Perhaps she’s tired of the mundanity of her stick-in-the-mud husband, or perhaps she’s in it for the sheer thrill, but Peggy always seems to get herself into wild situations which aren’t easily explained away.

A self-proclaimed genius, it’s rare to see a King of the Hill episode where she doesn’t say her full name with gusto or become fixated with something for the entirety of that episode. While Hank Hill shares some of these downfalls with Peggy, and she usually means well, Peggy has difficulty maintaining any self-control over her bombastic, gullible, and selfish impulses.

Peggy has a huge competitive streak, which also causes her to get incredibly focused on things that wouldn’t normally need anyone’s attention. In one episode, an ice cream parlor has a special where, if customers can guess their ice cream’s exact weight, they can get it for free.

Obviously, Peggy is up for the challenge and ropes Bobby into it for a humorous Rocky-esque subplot in which they train themselves to read the weight of ice cream in a cup. This takes Peggy many, many tries to the point of obsession, eventually burning out Bobby in the process. After actually spending more money than what the challenge is worth on training and attempts with the ice cream challenge, Peggy finally wins, not realizing one cup of free ice cream isn’t really worth all that hassle.

Desperate for work, Peggy takes a job as a nun teaching at a Catholic school to avoid working a lower-level position at Hank’s work. Unfortunately, Peggy doesn’t do a great job of conforming to the school’s ideals, and she later comes to regret her teachings and begins to worry that she’s corrupting the children and will end up having them sent to Hell. The guilt catches up to her, and she ends up admitting the scheme to the Mother Superior, who fires Peggy.

Upon seeing a woman has a bumper sticker that says, “My Child is an Honor Student at Westview Elementary,” Peggy makes a face of doubt and disgust, pulls up next to the woman’s car, and exclaims, “Yeah? Well, my child is God to billions of Asians!”

The vague reasoning behind Peggy’s random and confusing boast is that during a group of monks’ search for the resurrection of a deity, Bobby is found as possibly the “chosen one.” Although calling it “hooey” at first, Peggy still lets this get to her head.

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