King in Black: The God of Light’s True Identity is [SPOILER]

Warning! Spoilers for King in Black #4 below.

The King in Black’s true equal, the God of Light, has been revealed by Marvel Comics. Knull, the God of Symbiotes has ravaged the Marvel Universe with his dark symbiote army, enveloping the galaxy in darkness, while turning some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into his own personal soldiers. Knull’s weakness has finally been revealed as the God of Light, otherwise known as the Enigma Force, is key in stopping the supervillain.

Knull, the ancient God of Symbiotes who’s been around since near the beginning of time, has shown off his insane power levels in Marvel’s King in Black event. He’s cast the Earth in darkness, ripped the world’s most powerful hero in half, and has remained largely unopposed so far in the series. However, hints suggested a true equal, the God of Light, that was the img of Dylan Brock’s power. Now, the God of Light’s true identity has been revealed: It’s not a person, but a power that’s been handed off between heroes over time. The Enigma Force has previously given life to the Uni-Power, which is the power used by Captain Universe.

In King in Black #4 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Frank Martin, and JP Mayer, Dylan Brock comes face-to-face with Knull. With the help of Jean Grey, he helps free heroes stuck in the God of Symbiotes Hive. When Jean tries to read Knull’s mind, she discovers that he was forged in darkness and defeated everything he’s ever faced. But, she soon sees that there is an opposite to the monster that used to be a living thing but eventually became something new – the God of Light.

Silver Surfer is then seen using the Enigma Force to blast through Knull’s shell surrounding Earth while unleashing its power for a host on Earth. Ultimately, it chooses Eddie Brock, which makes the fallen hero rise from the dead. The issue ends with Brock levitating in the air as the Captain Universe-esque powers surround him.

With the powers behind the God of Light being revealed, the fact the Enigma Force chose Eddie Brock to be its new host is completely fitting. In both Venom and King in Black, it seemed destined that the final battle would be between Knull and Eddie Brock. Now, the two seem to be on an equal playing field. With the Enigma Force’s massive cosmic power bringing him back to life, Brock, his son Dylan, and the rest of the heroes now have the power behind them to take down the King in Black. For the first time since Knull arrived, the planet has hope in defeating him. King in Black #4 is in stores now.

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