King in Black Proves Captain America Isn’t Over His Greatest Sin

Warning: contains Spoilers for King in Black: Captain America #1

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Captain America one-shot, Steve Rogers will have recently been freed from the King in Black’s control. However, the Symbiote God is still residing within the Super Solider’s mind, revealing the truth that Cap isn’t over his greatest sin: his global takeover during Marvel’s Secret Empire as a sleeper HYDRA agent. While Captain America is trying to be the hero he’s always striven to be alongside his allies, it appears as though the lack of control Cap has just experienced will bring up this past trauma in a big way.

Thus far in Marvel’s King in Black, several heroes have been overwhelmed by Knull’s initial invasion, as he used New York as the nexus for his global takeover with legions of his symbiotes. Captain America was among the heroes who became bonded to the King in Black’s hive mind but he has since been freed thanks to Venom’s son Dylan Brock and his unique ability to control and eradicate symbiotes. Now, King in Black: Captain America #1 will see the Cap fighting alongside some of his most trusted allies and friends Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider) and Sam Wilson (The Falcon). However, it appears as though not everything is as peachy as he’s letting on.

King in Black: Captain America #1 will see Steve Rogers dealing with Knull, who can apparently still torment Rogers’ mind despite his recent freedom from the symbiotes. While Captain America is trying to help innocents and be a hero, Knull tells Rogers to stop acting as if this is the first time he’s lost control and become a tool for darkness, seemingly referencing Rogers’ greatest sin, Secret Empire. This new one-shot will be coming from writer Danny Lore, interior art by Mirko Colak, and cover art by Salvador Larroca. Here are the preview images and synopsis from Marvel Comics:

Despite the fact that ruling the world as HYDRA’s supreme leader wasn’t inherently Rogers’ fault, it looks like Captain America is still holding quite a bit of guilt for his dark deeds during the 2017 event. Since that time, Captain America has indeed tried to redeem himself in the eyes of the American people, though it has often been an uphill battle. Likewise, it looks as though Knull is intending to take advantage of Cap’s guilt and self-doubt, most likely to make it easier for his horde to rejoin and bring Rogers back into the fold of his hive mind.

Hopefully, Captain America will be able to persevere and overcome this dark moment, finding the strength to let go and move forward. The synopsis also seems to suggest that Bucky and Sam might be able to help Rogers get past this new trauma as well. Clearly, being bonded to Knull has shaken the First Avenger, and the effects are going to be felt when this new King in Black one-shot comes to comic book store shelves from Marvel Comics.

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