King in Black Confirms the X-Men’s Magneto is Now a True Hero

Warning! Spoilers for King in Black: Marauders #1 ahead!

Magneto, now a full fledged X-Men member since his inclusion on the island nation of Krakoa, is now confirmed to be a true hero after his appearance in a King In Black crossover comic. The Master of Magnetism has previously been depicted as a mutant freedom fighter who would never lift a finger to help a human, but fans witnessed the opposite in the latest Marauders tie-in. Magneto proves he cares for more than just mutantkind, but is a genuinely good person who is willing to help those in need with the hope of spreading word of his heroism and mercy around the globe. 

In King In Black: Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan with art by Alex Ross, the Marauders’ crew are sailing towards New York to save Cyclops and Storm after they were overtaken by Knull and his symbiotes. Upon nearing their approach to the United States, the crew receives a distress signal from a sinking ship nearby. After rescuing the crew, Bishop discovers that the people they are rescuing are actually human traffickers who are prepared to leave their human cargo below deck to drown in cages. Kate Pryde and the others quickly come to the rescue of the people trapped onboard the doomed vessel while simultaneously using a Krakoan Gate to transport the slave traders to an African dessert, offering them a well-deserved fate with little chance of survival. Unable to take the people they rescued to Krakoa, Kate calls upon Emma Frost and Magneto for help outside of the jurisdiction of the Quiet Council. They bring the survivors to Island M where they are promised safe haven until they can safely be brought to the country of their choosing. 

While Magneto isn’t directly involved in rescuing the victims of abduction, he is responsible for ensuring their continued safety. Magento, one of the founders of Krakoa and a high ranking member of the Quiet Council, deliberately keeps his intervention quiet from the Krakoan council while offering his island to the people in need. Magneto is willing to participate in this art of heroism not only because it is the right thing to do but also to spread a message of mercy and peace on behalf of his entire country. When asked by one of the survivors why he helped them, Magneto responds by saying, “You’re right to be skeptical. Weak nations prey upon those in need. Strong nations do not fear showing kindness.” Magneto then asks the woman he is speaking to to spread the word of the mercy offered by Krakoa to those who are in need of their help. 

Magneto saving those people shows great development for his character. In the past, Magneto has only shown mercy and kindness to mutants, specifically mutants who shared the same mindset as himself, while also acting as a terrorist of sorts towards humankind. Since the formation of Krakoa, Magneto has loosened his grip on the all-or-nothing views in which he once believed and traded them for his current belief in diplomacy.

As previously stated, saving the humans in need is not just Erik being a hero, but also an act of mercy on behalf of Krakoa. Once Knull is defeated once and for all, the world will be left with tales not just of Krakoa’s strength, but also the nation’s mercy all because the X-Men’s Magneto proved himself to be a true hero as shown in the King In Black.

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