King In Black: A Truly Terrible Plan Might Save The Planet

Warning! Spoilers for King in Black: Thunderbolts #3 below.

The Thunderbolts have an insane plan to stop the King in Black’s dark forces, but it’s so absurd, that it might just work. It appears the reluctantly partnered villains are following through with their plan to use Marvel’s most powerful hero, the Sentry, and his body to activate a bomb against the ancient symbiote creator’s dark army.

Knull, the God of Symbiotes, has enveloped the entire Marvel Universe in darkness, with Earth being one of the hardest-hit planets in the galaxy. The King in Black has also turned some of the greatest superheroes into his own personal symbiote soldiers. In order to stop the monstrous being, even the villains had to get creative. Kingpin assembled his own team of evildoers, threatening to leave them to the mercy of Knull in prison if they didn’t help. The group’s plan is incredibly dangerous and arguably stupid, as they intend on using the corpse of Sentry as a massive bomb.

Previews of King in Black: Thunderbolts #3 by¬†Matthew Rosenberg, Juan Ferreyra, and VC’s Joe Sabino, picks up where the last issue left off. The Thunderbolts, led by Batroc the Leaper, Star, Mister Fear, and Taskmaster are driving a stolen prison bus with Sentry’s body held together by a pair of suspenders. After the bus breaks down, Star convinces Taskmaster that they can’t leave the prisoners behind.

After agreeing to let the prisoners join their mission, Taskmaster makes Man-Bull, Foolkiller, Mr. Hyde, Grizzly, and Figment honorary Thunderbolts – to which Grizzly responds that he’s already been a real member of the team. After Star suggests to Taskmaster that they aren’t going to make it to their destination, Manhattan, he tells her that if they fall, she needs to take Sentry’s body and get out of there.

The new members quickly find out how dangerous their mission is, as Foolkiller is overcome by Knull’s dark army. The preview ends with Taskmaster’s mask being pulled off by a symbiote monster.

The series has already featured a number of casualties and readers can probably expect more, especially now that the team added five new honorary members (although things are looking bad for Foolkiller already). With all of the King in Black’s army surrounding the Thunderbolts as they enter Manhattan, it’s vital that the group activates the Sentry bomb and detonate an explosion. Strangely, the Thunderbolts are one of the planet’s last hopes in taking down the King in Black – but only if their insane plan can become a reality. Good luck.

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