Kill Bill: The 5 Best Musical Moments In Volume 1 (& 5 In Volume 2)

Years after Quentin Tarantino brought the initial concept for Kill Bill to Uma Thurman on the set of Pulp Fiction, he finally realized his martial arts revenge tale as a two-part epic and got the cameras rolling. He originally planned to release the movie as a single piece, but the producers balked at the idea of putting a four-hour movie in theaters and it was split in half.

From the opening titles of Volume 1 set to Nancy Sinatra to the end credits of Volume 2 set to Chingon, there are a ton of Tarantino’s signature memorable music moments across the two parts of the Kill Bill saga.

When Vernita Green opens her front door in the suburbs in one of the opening scenes of Kill Bill and is shocked to find the Bride on the other side, Quincy Jones’ iconic Ironside theme bursts onto the soundtrack.

The “Ironside” theme was later reused in Volume 2 when the Bride spots Elle outside Budd’s trailer. It fits perfectly then, too.

Johnny Cash’s “Satisfied Mind” is playing in Budd’s trailer before the Bride shows up and tries to ambush him. With a couple of awesome crash zooms, the Bride’s ambush is cut short by a shotgun blast to the chest.

Tarantino is clearly a big Johnny Cash fan, as he also featured “Tennessee Stud” in Jackie Brown and “Ain’t No Grave” in Django Unchained.

The catchy tune of Bernard Herrmann’s “Twisted Nerve” is whistled by Elle Driver on her way to assassinate the Bride in the hospital. She’s disguised as a nurse, complete with a red cross eyepatch, and eager to kill her closest rival. But at the last minute, Bill calls off the hit.

Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah reportedly clashed on the set of Kill Bill. The feud went so far that they refused to do any promotion for the movie together. But this worked in the movie’s favor, because it meant that the Bride and Elle’s rivalry rang true.

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