Justice League: Snyder Cut Black & White Version Gets Official Title

Zack Snyder is creating a fully black and white version of his cut of Justice League, though it’s unclear when and where that version will debut. Justice League has had one of the stranger journeys of any modern film; after the polarizing reaction to 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Warner Bros. began to rethink their DC Comics film plans. Midway through production of Justice League, Snyder left the production to deal with a family tragedy. Still, the common consensus seems to be he and the studio were headed for a breakup after the film anyway.

Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought in by the studio to finish the film, and the resulting movie made essentially no one happy, a lumpy mishmash of the two directors’ very different styles that felt nothing like the DCEU films that had come before, for better or worse. After a massive, years-long social media campaign by a devoted and occasionally obsessive fanbase, HBO Max decided to bring Snyder in to finish his version of the film, complete with an eight-figure budget and important reshoots.

Snyder is now confirming another of his pet projects for Justice League will likely see the light of day, as he confirmed there will be a black and white version of his Justice League in an interview with Minutemen, which he calls the “Justice Is Gray” version. He said, “We’re finishing right now the black and white version of Justice League. It’s called the Justice Is Gray Edition. That’s what I call it.

It’s unclear when and where this black and white version will debut. Snyder has said his ideal version of the cut would be in black and white in IMAX theaters, but the pandemic has put the kibosh on any extensive theatrical showings for the foreseeable future. If the full-color version of Justice League turns out to be a hit for HBO Max, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the streamer take on the black and white version as well.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is in a highly unusual position. As of this moment, it’s not considered part of the actual DC Extended Universe – that would still seem to be Whedon’s little-loved film. Sources at Warner Bros have described the Snyder Cut as a narrative dead-end, suggesting something irrevocable could happen in the four-hour superhero extravaganza. Regardless, the hype around the Snyder Cut is real, with the latest trailer breaking viewership records and the film dominating commentary on social media. Even if it doesn’t end up being a part of DC’s film strategy going forward, Snyder seems eager to give fans everything they could possibly want before closing the book on his version of the DC heroes.

Source: Minutemen

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