Jupiter’s Legacy First Look Images Reveal Detailed Millarworld Superhero Costumes

Netflix releases the first look images for their upcoming comic book series Jupiter’s Legacy. Arriving as part of comic legend Mark Millar’s overall Netflix dealJupiter’s Legacy will bring the series he created with Frank Quitely to life in epic fashion. The comics were first published in 2013, and Netflix put the TV adaptation into development in 2018. Jupiter‘s Legacy follows two generations of superheroes: The older, original heroes from the 1930s who represent the idealized values from years’ past and their children, who struggle under the weight of holding up their parents’ legacy. The show endured a showrunner change in 2019, but Jupiter’s Legacy is finally beginning to take off.

Production took place back in 2019, but it’s taken some time for Netflix to officially reveal anything from the seriesThe streamer confirmed last week Jupiter’s Legacy will premiere in May, with the announcement being accompanied by a teaser. However, aside from a voiceover from Josh Duhamel’s Utopian, there was very little from the actual show. Now, the promotional efforts for Jupiter’s Legacy are starting to pick up some steam, with the first official images from the series being revealed.

Netflix Queue shared the first pictures from Jupiter’s Legacy on Monday morning, giving fans their first proper look at the cast in costume. Not only do the images show off some of the superhero looks present on the show, they hint at the action that’s on the way in the form of major fight scenes. Additionally, Netflix shared a special “From Comic To Screen” teaser, which shows even more first look Jupiter’s Legacy images taking shape as though they were drawn. Check it all out down below.

At first glance, it looks like Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy is sticking close to Millar and Quitely’s img material, at least when it comes to how everything looks. The suits for Utopian, Grace (Leslie Bibb), and Walter (Ben Daniels) have an appropriately classic feel, further highlighting how they represent a different time. It’ll be interesting to see how that style clashes with the more cynical world of today, which is hinted at in the various action shots.

Millar’s comics are very well-regarded by fans, and past adaptations of his work have gone on to be quite successful, like Logan and Kingsman: The Secret Service. This means Jupiter’s Legacy is facing some high expectations, but these first look images hint the show is on the right track. Hopefully, Netflix will unveil a proper trailer next so fans can actually see all of the characters in action and get a better sense of the tone. Then we’ll really know how Jupiter’s Legacy is destined to turn out.

Jupiter’s Legacy will premiere on Netflix on May 7.

Source: Netflix Queue, Netflix

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