James Bond: 10 Most Expensive Cars, Ranked By Cost

The James Bond franchise has featured numerous four-wheeled beauties over the years. Understandably, there has been some bias towards the Aston Martin brand, given the agreement with the producers. However, plenty of other car manufacturers have watched in glee or horror as Bond and the villains drove and destroyed their best creations.

Nothing comes cheap in the world of 007. Even though Bond’s salary might not be enough to make him afford a decent apartment, he has been able to drive the most expensive cars, thanks to taxpayer money. MI6 has not only provided Bond with VIP access to galas but also some of the coolest rides on Earth. Such are the perks that come with a government intelligence agency.

It’s arguably the most advanced car ever driven by a Bond baddie. In Die Another Day, the North Korean intelligence operative Zao goes after Bond on a frozen lake while driving his bright green Jaguar XKR. Despite Bond’s car being invisible, Zao is able to spot him using the Jaguar’s thermal imaging camera.

The car’s stunning features include studded tires, ramming spikes, motor bombs, missiles, and a Gatling gun. Despite the cold, Zao doesn’t care about pulling up the roof of the convertible car. The model is available for purchase on numerous platforms.

Bond’s ride from Die Another Day has been nicknamed the “Aston Martin Vanish” by fans. This is because, in the movie, it has adaptive camouflage features, rendering it invisible to the naked eye.

The car is heavily featured in the ice segments of the movie, including the memorable chase sequence with Zao. It has a couple of refinements such as ejector seats, front-firing rockets, and hood-mounted shotguns. In the market, such a car can be acquired for the sum stated above.

Auric Goldfinger ranks highly among the most lavish Bond villains of all time. Unlike his fellow baddies, he expects Bond to die, not to talk. A man who has so much gold at his disposal is also guaranteed to have a cool ride. The villain owns a 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III with the registration number AU 1, meaning Auric 1.

In the movie, Goldfinger melts tons of gold into the vehicle’s bodywork in order to sneak it into Switzerland. Classic car lovers can get their hands on the car, without the gold of course.

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