Is Sora the Next Smash Bros. DLC Character?

It seems Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans may be on the cusp of learning who the next DLC character is for the game’s second Fighter’s Pass. While it’s only been a little over a month since Minecraft’s Steve was added to the Smash roster, a recent leak states that the next DLC character could soon be revealed. Images of Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist, Sora, fighting in Smash Bros hit 4Chan just a few days ago. This leak hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but the images are notable nonetheless as Sora has been a character Smash fans have wanted to see in the game for quite some time.

The leaked Smash Bros images don’t show much, but they look like they could be the real deal. The images feature Sora’s icon from the character select screen, with alternate skins, as well as shots of Sora fighting with Incineroar in the Smash Bros training arena. It’s also worth noting that Sora’s character icon is located in the correct place, to the right of Steve’s. As authentic as these images look, though, they also look fairly similar to other fake Smash Bros character leaks. There’s a chance this Sora could just be a modded character added into the game by a player. It would make sense, especially considering they’re fighting in the training area rather than Sora’s own stage. Judging by the allegedly leaked Smash Bros images, it seems the Sora shown could just be a modded Shulk. However, there are some other details about this Smash Bros leak that give it a little more legitimacy.

According to the latest Smash Bros leak (via Dexerto), Nintendo is planning on announcing Sora at The Game Awards on December 10th. This is an interesting note because two years ago Nintendo revealed Joker as the first character of Smash Bros‘ original Fighter’s Pass at The Game Awards. Of course, the creator of the leak could just be using The Game Awards as a means of making it seem all the more legitimate. Like most Smash Bros leaks, this should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are some previous leaks that could help corroborate this new one.

While this recent 4Chan post may have been the first to feature images of Sora in Smash Bros, it’s not the first to actually predict the character was in development. A since-deleted 2019 4Chan post from a supposed Nintendo product tester stated Sora was rumored to be in development. This might not sound like much, but that post accurately predicted Joker, Erdrick, and Steve would all be Smash Bros DLC characters. Each of these characters are now in the game, with Erdrick as one of Hero’s skins, so there seems to be some legitimacy to the leak. Here is the full 4Chan post (via Inverse):

There are three characters that we are currently testing in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, those being: Joker, Erdrick, and Steve. I would love to get you guys picture proof, but considering how tight security is, and the fact that I don’t want to get sued, I am not gonna do that. Anyways, there have also been rumors that the last two DLC characters are going to be Sora, and Doomguy, but I can not confirm or deny this.

The idea of Sora in Smash Bros has gained a lot of steam this year, as it was reported back in February that Nintendo was attempting to add the Kingdom Hearts character to their popular fighting game. Their attempts were ultimately shot down by Disney Japan, but when Nintendo wants someone for Smash Brosthey usually get what they want. Take Minecraft’s Steve, for example. It took Nintendo five years of negotiations to get the character in their game, but they finally got their man. It’s unclear as to when Disney Japan prevented Nintendo’s attempt to add Sora, so negotiations could have been ongoing behind closed doors despite previous previous reports.

It’s difficult to gauge the authenticity of these new Sora DLC Smash Bros images, but there’s a lot that seems to imply they might be legit. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans eager to find out will just have to wait until The Game Awards on December 10th to see if Sora is officially unveiled.

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