Is FF7 Remake Intergrade Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an upcoming game that will add new story content to the world of FF7 Remake, but is it considered to be the next game in the series? FF7 Remake only covered the first few hours of the original story, which means the series could take years to be completed.

FF7 Remake ended with Cloud and crew leaving Midgar for the first time, but they have broken free from the fate that bound them to the original story, meaning they can go anywhere they want. The original game’s Kalm flashback will almost certainly remain, as it explains Sephiroth’s backstory and could even give FF7 fans a chance to play as the villain. After that, though, the party is free to do whatever they like. It’s suggested that Aerith and Sephiroth both know more about future events than they did in the original story. As such, it’s possible they will try to influence the party into going on a different path in order to further their own ends.

Square Enix stole the show during Sony’s recent State of Play event when it announced FF7 Remake Intergrade for PS5. There is some confusion regarding what exactly FF7 Remake Intergrade is, however, and how it relates to the original game.

Square Enix has a tendency to add ridiculous words to the titles of its games, such as Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, but in this case, the name is apt. The word “intergrade” means transitioning from one form to another, and FF7 Remake Intergrade is a transitional step between FF7 Remake and FF7 Remake Part 2. The game is adding new story DLC involving Yuffie, which will likely flesh out the world and offer more hints at what is coming in the sequel. FF7 Remake Intergrade is not a full sequel, but it’s a step leading toward it.

All anyone knows about what’s next for the Remake series is that FF7 Remake Part 2 is in development. Even the name, “FF7 Remake Part 2,” could be incorrect, as Square Enix hasn’t revealed what it will be called. It’s possible the game could drop the Remake title altogether, as it’s technically not remaking FF7 anymore. It’s likely FF7 Remake Part 2 will take less time in development than its predecessor, but fans still shouldn’t expect to play it anytime soon.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is coming to PlayStation 5 on June 10, 2021.

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