Indiana Jones: 5 Times Indy Really Shouldn’t Have Survived (& 5 We’re Glad He Did)

As an adventurer and archaeologist, Indiana Jones is a hero who often finds himself in some pretty dangerous situations. While some of his movies are more beloved than others, he is a hero that is easy for audiences to cheer for and one that they want to see triumph in the end.

While some of these adventures see him surviving by the skin of his teeth, sometimes his survival seems to stretch the bounds of believability. However, there are also those harrowing situations where Indy shows his toughness and determination that just make fans happy that he was able to walk away at all.

There seems to be no mode of transportation that Indy does not take throughout these movies. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, he and Marion hide out on a cargo ship only for the ship to get stopped by a Nazi submarine.

While Marion is captured, Indy is able to hide. As the submarine begins to leave with Marion as their prisoner, Indy is seen atop the submarine, somehow having snuck aboard. The problem is, how was he going to survive when the submarine decided to go underwater? It’s not as if the Nazis were going to open the door and let him in.

One of the great things about the Indiana Jones movies is that they are never afraid to show Indy getting his butt kicked. Such is the case when Indy has to do battle with a giant, muscle-bound Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As soon as Indy sees the size of the guy, it is apparent he does not want to fight him at all. And he certainly takes a beating at the hands of this monster, but seeing Indy continue to get up and fight back is quite endearing and makes it all the more satisfying when the Nazi gets cut up by a propeller.

One of Indy’s strengths is quick thinking. The problem is that sometimes his solutions come so quickly that there is no time for him to realize what a bad idea they really are.

When Indy and his gang find themselves on a plane with no pilot and no parachutes left, Indy decides the best thing to do is take an inflatable raft and jump out of the plane with it. Not only should the fall have killed them even with the raft, but it’s also very unlikely it wouldn’t just tip over and dump them out.

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