How to Unlock The Draugr Bow in Valheim

The Draugr Bow is currently one of the best weapons available in Valheim. This guide will show players how to unlock it. Valheim has recently taken the world by storm. The game is currently only in Early Access and has already sold well over 5 million copies. In this survival open-world game, players can team up and explore different biomes, take on enemies, craft powerful weapons, and create an entirely new life. Along the way, players will come across materials that can come together to create more powerful items. The Draugr Bow is a prime example of one of the better weapons in the game. This guide will show players how to unlock it.

Players will want the Draugr Bow because of its additional pierce damage when compared to other bows. Not only that, but this weapon uses guck to give each of its shots does poison damage, making it much easier to chip away damage from challenging enemies. Players are also more free using bows in terms of combat. In this title, recipes are automatically unlocked as players pick up specific materials. In the case of the Draugr Bow, players will need to find guck, silver, and ancient bark. Here is how players can unlock this powerful weapon.

Here are the materials that are needed to create the Draugr Bow and how players can get them. The player will need a Workbench, Smelter, and a Forge.

This only unlocks the base level Draugr Bow. Players can level up this weapon by collecting more of the same materials and putting them together on the forge. This is one of the best weapons in the game.

Valheim will continue to provide new content and patch notes for its players to enjoy. Since the game is in Early Access, the community has a direct hand in shaping the positives and the negatives of the game. It may be a while before the full version 1.0 releases out into the world but that is part of the experience. The game might be entirely different up to that point. For now, Valheim has the potential to be one of the best open-world experiences on PC.

Valheim is available now on PC.

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