How to Summon & Defeat Yagluth in Valheim

Apart from simply learning to survive in the harsh biomes of Valheim, the players as Vikings will need to summon the Forsaken, Odin’s ancient enemies and formidable bosses, and defeat them to access unique items and powers. Players start small, fighting Eikthyr, a stag that can harness the power of lightning. The boss battles escalate steeply from there. While Valheim is in Early Access, the current “final boss” is Yagluth. Yagluth is a giant skeleton missing the lower half of his body. As the final boss fight in the game so far, he is likely to be the most difficult fight players encounter in the game.

To summon Yagluth, players will need to obtain totems and place them on Yagluth’s summoning stone in the Plains biome. Though he moves slowly thanks to his lack of lower limbs, his attacks are earth- and fire-based and can be devastating if players are not careful. The best way to defeat him will involve watching for his telegraphs and equipping all the best endgame gear players can get their hands on. It may be a good idea to approach this boss fight in co-op with friends to make combat a little easier, as many of his attacks have limited range and will only hit a single target at a time. Here’s how to summon and defeat Yagluth in Valheim.

Players will need to collect five Fuling totems as a sacrifice to summon Yagluth. Fuling totems are a guaranteed drop from defeated Fuling Shamans on the Plains. Unfortunately, Fuling Shamans are less common than other subcategories of Fuling, so players will need to do some searching to find and defeat these goblinoid creatures.

Like the summoning stones for the other bosses, players are likely to stumble across the location of Yagluth’s summoning stone by accident, but they can also find a runestone in the Plains biome directing them to the summoning stone. Players will find the summoning stone surrounded by a circle of giant stone pillars meant to look like the fingers of a skeletal hand.

Players will need to place the totems in each of the five circles on the summoning stone in the “palm” of the giant stone hand. To complete the sacrifice, players will need to use the red tablet in front of the summoning stone, which will summon the boss.

Prior to summoning Yagluth, players should equip their best armor. Good options include the Wolf Armor set or Padded Armor Set. They will also want a good shield, and it may be a good idea to practice blocking and parrying ahead of time.

Players will also want a large health pool during the fight, as Yagluth has the potential to one- or two-shot a player with his strong attacks. Players will want to stack as many buffs as they can by eating a hearty meal of cooked recipes. The best food combination for the largest health pool and a decent stamina pool is Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie, and Serpent Stew. This will offer 250 Health, 210 Stamina, and 12 Healing per Tick.

Like the other Valheim bosses, Yagluth has three main attacks he can use in any order. Thankfully, all three have obvious telegraphs that can help players dodge and avoid being blasted by earth or fire. Yagluth’s attacks are:

Yagluth’s attacks are strong, but he moves slowly and has more difficulty hitting players at range. For this fight, it may be best to bring top-tier ranged weapons, particularly a good bow and arrows that deal pure damage, like the Needle Arrows or Obsidian Arrows. Players more comfortable with melee fighting may have a more difficult time with this boss, as getting close can mean certain death. These players should bring Black Metal spears or daggers if they have any. These weapons are easier to use while in constant motion, which is necessary when trying to melee this boss.

When taking on Yagluth solo, players will either want to rain a hail of arrows on this boss while keeping their distance to avoid his stronger attacks and take advantage of his lack of speed, or use a hit-and-run melee tactic by whacking the boss in the back a few times and dashing away before he can counterstrike. In a co-op, players will stand a better chance. Several Vikings can strike at once while Yagluth is focused on a single target, which will allow the team to deal damage even as he strikes. This is especially true of his fire breath attack, which can only attack one player at a time. That player can dodge while the others focus on melee and ranged attacks to his back side.

Once Yagluth is defeated, players will earn his trophy, his Forsaken ability, and an unnamed item. His Forsaken ability reduces all damage a player will take from Frost, Fire, and Poison attacks. The unnamed item has not yet been implemented in the game and is likely to become useful in future updates. Once players place the Yagluth trophy, they will notice this completes the last Sacrificial Stone in the circle. While it is uncertain what exactly is to come after Yagluth, players can focus their attention on building up their base until the next batch of content releases.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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