How to Play the Vampire Role Mod in Among Us

Typically, mods for Among Us try to maintain fairness for Impostors and crewmates alike, but sometimes, it can be fun to let overpowered Impostors run wild. Many mods have been created to further empower Impostors and turn Among Us from a game of social deduction to a game of survival, including the Floor is Lava mod and the God Mode mod. A new mod developed by Sub & Fletch and demonstrated by YouTuber SSundee and friends gives Impostors even more power against the crewmates by turning them into Vampires.

In this mod, Impostors gain the ability to kill with a modified Kill Cooldown timer that gets shorter after each successful kill. They can also turn into a bat and fly around the map with the ability to pass through walls easily. While flying around as a bat, Impostors won’t have any name or identifying information, allowing them a form of stealth and anonymity. Impostors can also see every player’s location on the map to track down their next victim. This will make it incredibly difficult for crewmates to withstand the Vampires, and games played using this mod tend to be very quick as a result. Here’s how to play the Vampire Role mod in Among Us.

At the time of writing, there is no public download link for this mod. If a link ever becomes available, players will be able to install and play in a custom lobby. Players may also be able to find custom lobbies with this mod, or a similar version, installed. To participate in Sub & Fletch’s modded lobbies, players will want to message Sub on Twitter.

When a player is assigned the role of Impostor, they get to play as a Vampire. They will gain two new abilities: Bloodrush and Bat. Vampires can only kill when they are in Bloodrush mode, but it only lasts about 30 seconds at a time. While in Bloodrush, Vampires can see the location of every player on the minimap.

The Bat ability literally transforms the player character into a bat at will. This does not have a cooldown or time limit, meaning Vampire players can use it whenever they want. It allows them to move more quickly than everyone else, and they can pass through walls and other barriers with ease. When they are a bat, they won’t have any identifying information, but other players can still see them. If they transform back into their player characters and are seen, they have a good chance of being caught as the Impostor.

Vampire Impostors can get the most out of this game mode by muting whenever they turn into a bat, especially if using the CrewLink app and Proximity Voice Chat. This way, the other players will see but not hear the bat until it is too late.

Each time an Impostor kills during Bloodrush, they receive a 10 second reduction in Kill Cooldown. By the end of the match, the Impostors are likely to have the ability to kill often and without a cooldown. Bloodrush does not have a cooldown either, which is what makes the Vampire Role mod for Impostors so overpowered.

Crewmates will still need to complete their tasks, but they will be at a significant disadvantage. More than likely, the Impostors will be primed to win every time, and crewmates should simply try to stay alive longer than anyone else.

To see this new mod in action, players should check out SSundee’s video below:

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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