How to Play the Snitch Role Mod in Among Us

Role mods for Among Us have become a popular staple for online content creation in the community, and many help shake up the classic formula of the game for a new experience. Popular role mods introduce special jobs for crewmates to complete in addition to their regular tasks, often including a new ability that empowers them against the Impostors. These mods have included roles like the Sheriff, who has the ability to kill Impostors, the Medic, who can revive a dead crewmate before the body is reported, and Jester, who tries to purposely get ejected to win the game. The Snitch Role Mod has gained some traction lately after being featured in a stream with Sykkuno and can introduce more chaos into already chaotic Among Us games.

In this mod, one crewmate is assigned the role of Snitch and will find out the identities of the Impostors when they have only one task left to complete. The catch, however, is that the Impostors will find out the identity of the Snitch at the same time. As the Snitch rushes to finish their task and get to the Emergency button, they will be relentlessly hunted by the Impostors. Here’s how to play the Snitch Role mod in Among Us.

This mod was programmed by Ottomated, the designer of the Proximity Voice Chat mod, and is only available to a handful of content creators. Though it is not widely available for download, players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. It is also possible that, given its popularity, a public version becomes more widely available in the future.

When a crewmate is assigned the role of Snitch, they will want to complete their tasks as quickly as possible and avoid being killed if they can. When they are down to a single task left, two red arrows will appear, guiding them to the Impostors. The Snitch will need to get close to the Impostors to figure out who they are and will then need to quickly get to the Emergency Button.

At the same time, the Impostors will receive an arrow that points toward the Snitch and will need to get close to find out who it is and quickly eliminate and silence them. This can lead to a tense game of cat-and-mouse, with Impostors chasing the Snitch through the map as the Snitch tries to tell the rest of the group the identity of the Impostors.

The Snitch is somewhat overpowered but will have a little bit of a disadvantage in lobbies with more than one Impostor still alive. Because it is unlikely Impostors will be in the same place when the Snitch can discover their identity, they may have to identify the Impostors one at a time, increasing the opportunity for the Impostors to kill them first. The Snitch also may end up being killed right away simply by being too near an Impostor during the game, preventing them from using their ability.

One strategy the Snitch character can use was demonstrated during a stream by Sykkuno. The Snitch can try to speedrun their tasks, but save two quick tasks in the same general location for last. That way, they can finish tasks and already be heading toward the Impostors, giving them less time to stop the Snitch from identifying them and calling a meeting.

Players can see this mod and strategy in action by watching Sykkuno’s video below:

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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