How to Play the Morphling Mod in Among Us

Content creators and streamers have leaned into the Among Us modding trend and have come up with some hilarious and exciting results. Typically, mods that let the Impostors run rampant and be over-powered are unavailable to the average Among Us player but make for great content in videos. Examples of this include the Floor is Lava Mod, which lets Impostors flood the map with hot lava for instant crewmate kills, and the Vampire and Witch Role Mods, which grant Impostors new crazy abilities. The Morphling Mod also grants Impostors a powerful new ability, similar to the Twins and Color Changer Mods available via the servers.

When a player is selected to be the Impostor with the Among Us Morphling Mod installed, they gain the ability to sample the DNA of other crewmates and use it to transform into an exact clone of that crewmate. This can allow the Impostor to kill virtually undetected and even frame innocent crewmates by very publicly killing or venting while disguised. Here’s how to play the Morphling Mod in Among Us.

At the time of writing, only a handful of popular content creators, like fuslie and Valkyrae, have access to the Morphling Mod for Among Us. Though this particular Among Us mod is not widely available for download, players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players should also note that many public versions of popular mods that were once exclusive to content creators have begun to crop up, so it is possible a downloadable version will become available in the future.

The Morphling Mod gives the Impostors the ability to transform their appearance and name into that of another crewmate in the lobby. Impostors will have two new buttons, the Sample button and the Morph button. The Morphling player will need to get close to the crewmate they want to transform into. When they are close enough, the Sample button will be highlighted, and they can use it to take that crewmate’s DNA.

The Morphling can then use the Morph button when they are alone and transform into the crewmate. They will have the exact same name, color, and appearance as the crewmate they are emulating. The Impostor can only stay morphed into another crewmate for a limited time. When that time runs out, the effect will wear off, and the Impostor will change back to their regular appearance. After a 30-second cooldown, they can sample a new crewmate’s DNA and morph into someone else. They will need to take care not to stay around another player in case they visibly change back and get caught.

Many streamers will combine the Among Us Morphling Mod with others, including the Sheriff Role Mod, which can help rebalance crewmate odds against such an over-powered Impostor. Players can see the Morphling Mod in action by checking out the video below, created by streamer Hafu.

The Morphling Mod adds a new layer of deception to Among Us and will make the game that much more chaotic. As crewmates plead their case of being framed, Impostors may be able to go the entire game without ever raising suspicions and earn a major victory.

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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