How to Play the Mayor Role Mod in Among Us

Mods that add crewmate and Impostor roles in Among Us have exploded in popularity almost as much as the social deduction game itself has. While many role mods have been created exclusively for use by various popular streamers, some have made it to the wider community to be downloaded and used. Many of the role mods for crewmates appear to take their inspiration from other social deduction games like Werewolf, Mafia, and even Town of Salem, which give roles and special abilities to the various townspeople characters. Some Among Us roles, like Sheriff or Medic, give crewmates more power against the Impostors during a round by allowing them to kill Impostors or actively shield players. The Mayor Role Mod also gives a crewmate some power, but only during meetings.

When a crewmate is assigned the role of Mayor, their vote counts for 2 votes instead of one. This means the Mayor can be the tipping point needed to eject a presumed Impostor or save someone who might be innocent by forcing a tie. This crewmate’s opinion will be the most important, and Impostors will need to either convince the Mayor that they are innocent or kill the Mayor quickly to prevent them from using their abilities. Here’s how to install and play the Mayor Role Mod for Among Us.

The idea for the Mayor Role Mod came from popular content creator Socksfor1, and mod maker tomozbot created a version available publicly on GitHub. Players should note that mods are usually only available for PC players, and that there are certain risks associated with using mods. Players should always be sure to back up their game files before installing mods in their game.

Players will find instructions for downloading the Among Us Mayor Role Mod below:

If the mod was installed correctly, in the top-left corner of the main menu screen, players should see the version number followed by the words + Mayor Mod by Tomozbot. Every player in a lobby must have this mod installed to be able to join the game.

Playing the Mayor Role Mod for Among Us is fairly simple. Everything about gameplay is the same, but one crewmate will become the Mayor. Any time that player casts a vote during a meeting, their vote counts as two votes. This is a powerful tool the Mayor character can use to eject Impostors.

When playing as the Mayor, it is usually a good idea for the player to conceal their role for as long as possible. While they can still be killed by the Impostor, or have their identity discovered when voting during a meeting, the longer they hide around the map and stay safe, the less likely Impostors are to target and eventually silence them. Alternatively, some players prefer to announce themselves as Mayor and seek protection from other crewmates to ensure they aren’t killed before they have a chance to use their abilities.

Players can see how this role works by checking out Socksfor1’s video, linked below:

In large lobbies, the Mayor Role Mod can be combined with the Extra Roles Mod to give every crewmate something special to do during a match.

Among Us is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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