How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

No sandbox game is complete without enabling players to build their own farm within the world, and Valheim is no exception to this rule. Planting and building a garden is fairly easy. However, the steps that lead up to building the garden are the hard part.

Gardening isn’t available to players super early within the game. They will have to have access to several different crafting stations to be able to build the tools and make the area safe to garden. This is on top of gathering the produce the player wants to grow on their farm.

The three main crafting stations that players need for farming are the charcoal kiln, the smelter, and the forge. These require the player to collect 10 of a special reimg called Surtling Cores. Once hunted down, players can build these crafting stations at a workbench.

After all three of the stations have been made the player will need to make ore. This requires the player to have the antler pickaxe from defeating the first of the five main bosses within the game, Eikthyr. That said, farming is not done early on within the game.

Depending on the type of ore a player is looking for they will need to check out different biomes on their map. For copper and tin ore, check the Black Forest biome. The tin will be near bodies of water and just look like a rock popping out of the ground with a slight shine to it. Copper on the other hand will be in large moss-covered rock formations striped with golden glints. Players will need Bronze to make a cultivator. Bronze requires the player to collect both copper and tin.

Collecting enough ore to craft a cultivator will take time, so players should be prepared to set up camp near whatever vein(s) they are mining. Once the player has collected their fill they will need to head back to camp to refine their ore into ingots with the smelter. With both types of ingots crafted, the player will receive the bronze recipe. This recipe is two copper ingots to one tin at the forge. Players will need five bronze ingots and five wooden cores to craft a cultivator.

After the cultivator has been crafted, farming is very simple. Equip the cultivator and use it to pull grass from the area that is going to be farmed. Then select the type of seed or plant to sow and activate the fresh soil to plant it.

Valheim is available in early access on Linux and PC.

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