How to Make Frost Arrows in Valheim

As players progress in Valheim and explore deeper into the wilderness, they are likely to come across better reimgs and stronger enemies, and their Bronze and Iron equipment may no longer be strong enough to sustain them. When facing enemies, players can choose to wield a sword or knife for melee combat. However, they can also use a bow and arrows. The first bows players are able to craft in Valheim are weaker and not very durable, but later in the game, players can craft stronger arrows capable of dealing significant damage or even adding buffs to enemies. One of the best varieties of arrow for later in the game are Frost Arrows. These deal 26 Piercing damage and a whopping 52 Frost damage to an enemy, with 10 Knockback.

Naturally, with such high stats, Frost Arrows can be difficult to craft. They require some of the rarer materials available in Valheim, including Obsidian, a strong mineral only found in the Mountains, and Freeze Gland, which can only be obtained by killing a Drake. Frost Arrows are particularly useful against the third boss, Bonemass, and against Surtlings when farming Surtling Core. Here’s how to make Frost Arrows in Valheim.

The recipe for Frost Arrows calls for the following materials:

Each recipe will yield a set of 20 Frost Arrows.

Players should be able to find Wood and Feathers easily. It will be more difficult to find Obsidian and a Freeze Gland. For both of these items, players should head up to the Mountains.

Players will only be able to mine Obsidian with an Iron Pickaxe or stronger, so they will need to have defeated The Elder, mined Iron from the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp, and built and upgraded their Charcoal Kiln, Smelter, and Forge. Obsidian is somewhat rare, though it is easy to see due to its coloring against the snow. Players will want to mine it whenever they see it.

To get a Freeze Gland, players will need to hunt Drakes. Drakes are the counterpart to Wyrms in Valheim. Their main attack is Frost Breath, capable of inflicting the Frost status buff on a player that inflicts damage and slows the player down. Hunting a Drake is fairly easy with a bow and regular arrows as long as players are careful to dodge its Frost Breath attack.

Prior to heading to the Mountains for either ingredient, players will want to stockpile Frost Resistance Mead and enough materials to build fires along their route. The longer they spend on the Mountain without proper protective gear, the more damage they will take until they eventually freeze to death. Standing near a campfire and consuming Frost Resistance Mead can combat this effect.

Once players have all the materials, they can craft Frost Arrows at an upgraded Workbench. The Workbench needs to have been upgraded to Level 4. To do this, players need to craft three buildings and place them near the Workbench. These items can include a Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, Adze, and Tool Shelf.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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