How to Heal in Persona 5 Strikers (The Easy Way)

Persona 5 Strikers is a hack and slash fighting game that brings extreme combat and mobility to the franchise compared to its predecessors Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Players have the opportunity to use a plethora of skills and Personas in a dynamic setting that doesn’t ease up very often. The story takes place around the notorious Phantom Thieves, who have hung up their masks only to be pulled once again into the world of the Metaverse. Joker and company take a short respite from their studies and plan a summer vacation outing, but not without fighting together once again.

In any fighting game, healing is an important aspect as players are typically susceptible to vast amounts of damage; especially in hack-and-slashes. While donning an aggressive play style may easily clear the field of combatants, there are often times a few attacks squeeze between the cracks so it’s easy to get overwhelmed before players realize what’s going on. There are a few methods for healing available so here’s how players can take advantage of them effectively.

As for healing in Person 5 Strikers, there are two main methods. The regular way would be to open up the start menu, select Item, and then use any of the healing items from the primary drop-down list to heal whoever needs it. There are quite a few healing items and they start from low regeneration and increase over time as players make their way through the game. Devil Fruit is one of the first that appears in the game and heal for about 20 HP to one person. Over time, items that can heal the entire party should begin to drop as well as items that restore various other things.

The second and easier method would be to use a skill that can heal a targeted character. Ally’s like Morgana or “Mona” is able to use the Dia skill and heal a small amount of HP to a single target. Joker is a bit more unique in this sense since his special ability allows him to capture the true form of an enemy shadow into a mask, and turn them into a Persona. Around the beginning of the game when players meet Sophia, the first shadow Joker captures happens to be a Pixie. This new Persona comes with the Dia healing ability and can be used at almost any time providing players have enough SP. Simply hold down on the D-pad for consoles or V for PC, to access other skills during battle, select the Dia or whichever healing ability is available, and use it on whoever needs it. Outside of battle, this becomes the Auto-Recovery function and will heal players immediately, so make sure there’s enough SP stocked up.

Persona 5 Strikers is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation.

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