How To Get Vitalized Dragontooth in Genshin Impact

If there is one thing adventurers need to take with them when exploring Genshin Impact, aside from recovery dishes, it’s a competent weapon to help defeat any hostile opponents they encounter during their travels. There are several different types, with each character mastering a different one. Mix and match to create battle-winning synergy between the weapon’s abilities and the character’s powers. Weapons can be obtained from wishing, some can be hidden in chests, and others can be forged from raw materials. One such polearm can only be made if players manage to collect enough Vitalized Dragontooth.

The Vitalized Dragontooth is a rare item tied to the Dragonspine Mountain region. If players manage to get eight of them, along with 50 starsilver ore, 500 mora, and a Northlander Polearm Billet, they’ll be able to forge them into the mighty Dragonspine Spear. This powerful polearm has high attack and comes with a special Cryo ability when it’s refined. Those that manage to summon polearm-wielding characters will want to add this weapon to their arsenal, so here’s how to obtain Vitalized Dragonteeth.

First, adventurers will need to get their hands on Strange Teeth, an item that only spawns on Dragonspine. Make sure to bring Goulash to survive the bitter cold! Strange Teeth can be found in the following locations, but will take a few days to respawn:

Collecting one of them will prompt a questline called Festering Fang, which can be activated by speaking with Iris at the Adventure Camp on the northern side of Dragonspine. The mission will then prompt the player to collect the other necessary materials to forge the Dragonspine Spear, so completing this quest will help them get the weapon firsthand! Once three more Dragonteeth are collected, head to that strange red cave in Wyrmrest Valley mentioned above as the third location. It turns out that this is the heart of Dragonspine Mountain, a resting place of an ancient dragon that perished there long ago. It’s here that players can absorb energy from the dragon’s heart into a Dragontooth and turn it into a Vitalized Dragontooth! Repeat the process several times to collect eight of them, and the frosty spear will be ready to wield.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Mobile devices, and PlayStation 4.

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