How to Get the Serpent Scale Shield in Valheim

The different biomes in Valheim aren’t the only places players will face dangerous enemies. As players build better boats and traverse the seas in search of new islands to explore, they are likely to encounter a territorial sea monster known as the Sea Serpent. The Sea Serpent has the head of a dragon and the body of a snake, with a few fins. It’s a good idea for players to upgrade their boats sooner rather than later, as the Sea Serpent is likely to find them as they sail and try to ram the boat. Sea Serpents can be a img of meat, but players are more likely to be interested in Serpent Scales. Serpent Scales only come from the Sea Serpent and are used to craft the Serpent Scale Shield.

The Serpent Scale Shield is described as a sturdy shield of overlapping scales. It provides 90/105 Block Power and can be useful against some of the stronger and more difficult enemies later in the game. While killing the Sea Serpent isn’t exactly difficult, if players don’t use a specific weapon and lure it near land, they will lose the scales to the bottom of the ocean. Players are encouraged to prepare ahead of time and bring a friend or two to the fight. Here’s how to get the Serpent Scale Shield in Valheim.

Players should wait to go after the Sea Serpent until they have a karve or longship and have spent time harvesting Abyssal Barnacles on the surface of the Kraken. Karves and rafts can’t take very many hits, while longships can withstand more attacks from the Sea Serpent without breaking.

Unlike in traditional lore, the Kraken is not an aggressive enemy. Players should be able to harvest a few Abyssal Barnacles before the monster retreats back into the sea. The first time they harvest a few, they will unlock the recipe for the Abyssal Harpoon. Players will need to craft upgrade the Workbench to Level 4 by crafting a Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, Adze, and Tool Shelf and placing them nearby. This will also be necessary to have a Level 4 Workbench to craft the Serpent Scale Shield. Crafting the harpoon requires 8 Fine Wood, 30 Chitlins, and 3 Leather Scraps.

When going after the Sea Serpent, players can kill it easily with a bow and arrows, but this will cause the scales to sink to the bottom of the ocean, leaving only the Sea Serpent’s meat. To be able to gather the Serpent Scales, players will instead need to hook it using the Abyssal Harpoon. They won’t be able to use a bow and arrows and hold the Harpoon at the same time. Instead, they will need a friend or two to shoot at the Sea Serpent while they hold it with the Harpoon. Once it is dead, the player can drag the Sea Serpent to shore and collect the meat and Scales there.

Players can solo the Sea Serpent, but it will be more difficult. They will need to harpoon it and drag it to shore while it is still alive. Then, they can use melee attacks to fight it.

Once players have the Serpent Scales, they will be able to craft the shield. The recipe for the shield requires 10 Fine Wood, 4 Iron, and 8 Serpent Scales. Players can get Fine Wood from chopping down Birch or Oak trees with a Bronze Axe, and Iron from Muddy Scrap Piles inside Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. Players can equip the shield for their second hand and use it as bonus protection against enemies and bosses.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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