How to Get Obsidian in Valheim

As players explore the massive, procedurally-generated world of Valheim and begin to encounter new reimgs and tougher enemies, they will require stronger, more durable weapons and tools. Some stronger items, like the Iron Sword or Bronze Axe, can be made with metals. However, some items, including most of the best arrows currently available in the early access version of the game, require a different material to craft: Obsidian. Obsidian is a strong variety of stone, and, to mine it, players are going to need to wait until they find Iron.

Due to its strength, only an Iron Pickaxe or better can help players extract Obsidian, so players will need to wait until later in the game to mine it. Obsidian is also very rare in the wilderness of Valheim and only available in the Mountains biome. It is easy to see, however, as the dark stone contrasts well with the white snow. Obsidian is used to craft Frost Arrows, Obsidian Arrows, and Poison Arrows. Here’s how to find, mine, and use Obsidian in Valheim.

Before players set out for Obsidian, they will need to make some preparations first. Players are going to need to build a Smelter, Charcoal Kiln, and Forge first. The Smelter will help turn metal ore, including Scrap Iron, into pure Iron bars that can be used in crafting. The Charcoal Kiln makes Coal, which is required to run the Smelter and the Forge. The Forge will allow players to craft using metals.

Players will need to gather Iron next. They will need to defeat the second boss, The Elder, and get the Swamp Key, then travel to the Swamp biome and use the key to enter Sunken Crypts. Inside these dungeons, players will find Scrap Iron in Muddy Scrap Piles and chests. Players will need to smelt the Scrap Iron and use Iron to craft an Iron Pickaxe.

Because the items players can craft with Obsidian require an upgraded Workbench, players will need to remember to craft a few special buildings to place near the Workbench and get it to Level 3 or higher. The buildings players can use include the Chopping Block, the Tanning Rack, the Adze, and the Tool Shelf.

Finally, players will want to be sure they have enough supplies to survive the Mountains. The Mountain biome in Valheim is a frosty tundra, and the cold can easily freeze an unsuspecting player to death. To avoid this, players will need to build a trail of campfires they can return to in order to warm up, or they will need to stockpile Frost Resistance Mead, which requires a Fermenter to make. Eventually, players will be able to mine Silver and craft the Wolf Armor, one of the strongest armor sets in the game. The Cape for this set will help prevent the player character from freezing to death in the colder environments.

With all preparations taken care of, players can brave the Mountain biome in search of Obsidian. It doesn’t appear often, so whenever players find it, they will want to collect it. The three varieties of Arrows players can make with Obsidian don’t require very much of it, but each recipe only makes about 20 Arrows at a time. The more players can stock up, the better.

The recipes for each kind of Arrow made from Obsidian appear below:

It is possible more crafting recipes that require Obsidian will become available over time, so players should make sure to mine this reimg often and hold onto any extra they have until the next updates.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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