How to Get More Personas in Persona 5 Strikers

Being yet another installment in the Persona series, Persona 5 Strikers has players continuing the story several months after the conclusion of Persona 5. Following the adventures of the Phantom Thieves as they try to save Japan from encroaching corruption, players will find themselves in the familiar shoes of Joker as they obtain personas, fight off enemies, and work alongside his party.

Naturally, the acquisition and development of personas is of vital importance to combat. So at the very least players need to learn where to find them and how to get even more of them when all conventional collection methods have been exhausted.

There are 2 main methods to obtain personas in the game:

For any new player, obtaining personas from combating shadows is their only option. Located inside of jails in the metaverse, shadows are the metaphysical representation of negative human emotions. When defeated, there is a distinct possibility that they may drop a mask. That is, they may drop a conceptual item capable of summoning a manifestation of a person’s personality: a persona.

Once obtained, the persona is added to Joker’s persona roster and Lavenza’s registry. If Joker has no room in his roster, the persona would instead be converted into PP points, which can later be spent to enable persona upgrades. It is recommended for players to obtain a full roster of personas before they visit Lavenza in the Velvet Room.

Within the Velvet Room, players can ask Lavenza to upgrade, fuse, or manage their personas. As the player can probably guess, fusion is the other main method from which a player can obtain new personas. But the fusion process requires the player to capture and then sacrifice two personas they already have in their possession. By mixing persona varieties with each other, players can create a plethora of newer, more powerful, personas that Joker can use to great effect.

However, there is admittedly one more way for players to obtain personas if they don’t want to go with the fusion or mask collection route. Inside the Velvet Room, Lavenza will also give players access to the registry. This registry is capable of remembering each and every persona Joker has found. For a fee, players can go to this registry and select a persona to have it transferred into their persona roster.

But registry personas are only as good as their respective entry. This means at the beginning of the game, personas in the registry are only as strong as when Joker first encountered them. Meaning they are low-level and pretty weak. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If a player has leveled up and developed a certain persona, they can return to the Velvet Room and have Lavenza register their persona to the registry. This will override the registry’s initial entry and replace it with a newer entry that has a higher level and stats.

The development of this registry, and of personas in general, is important if players want to get access to stronger fusions. There will come a point in the game where fusions can only be made if their ‘parent’ personas are of a higher level, so it will save the player a lot of time if they update their registry regularly. That way if the player lacks the necessary parent persona, they can just buy the proper parent persona instead of having to capture and train it all the way up to the required level.

Persona 5 Strikers is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

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