How to Get Iron Mace in Valheim

Enemies lurk in almost every corner of Valheim, making good weapons essential to survival. At the start of a new game, Viking warriors have barely the clothes on their backs and will need to punch trees for wood to start building tools, weapons, and shelter. As they begin to explore Valheim, gather new materials, improve their skills, and craft new items, they will unlock better weapons that can do a variety of damage types. Different enemies have weaknesses to different kinds of damage, so players will want to craft and carry at least one of every type of weapon to suit any situation they encounter. One of the more obscure weapons players may want in their arsenal is the Iron Mace.

A mace, like a war hammer, does blunt damage and is extremely effective against certain kinds of enemies, including skeletons, rancid remains, blobs, oozers, and stone golems. Once players have found the Swamp Key and crafted Iron the first time, they will unlock the Iron Mace. The Iron Mace in Valheim is one of the better mace options, and it is the next step up from the powerful Bronze Mace. It will be particularly useful to players in the Swamp biome. Here’s how to craft the Iron Mace in Valheim.

A basic Iron Mace deals 55 Blunt Damage, has 30 Parry Force, and has 90 Knockback. Making an Iron Mace in Valheim requires the following materials:

Wood and Leather Scraps are easy to get, as players simply need to chop down trees and kill boars. Iron is trickier.

Players will find Iron as Scrap Iron ore in Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. To access it, they will first need to summon and defeat The Elder, the second boss, in the Black Forest. The Elder drops the Swamp Key, which can be used to open any of the Sunken Crypts.

Getting Scrap Iron requires mining through the Muddy Scrap Piles in the Sunken Crypts. Vikings will need to bring Scrap Iron to a Smelter at their base and cook it into a bar of pure iron. Players will need Coal to make this work, so they should consider crafting a Charcoal Kiln somewhere at their base as well for a constant supply.

An Iron Mace, like most Iron weapons and tools, are made at the Forge. Players will need to have their Forge upgraded to at least level 2 to make a quality level 1 Iron Mace. To upgrade their Iron Mace, they will also need to upgrade their Forge by building certain objects near it, which can include Anvils, a Forge Cooler, a Smith’s Anvil, a Forge Toolrack and Forge Bellows, and a Grinding Wheel.

Upgrading weapons and tools in Valheim is always a good idea. The process requires extra materials, usually the main material used to craft the item initially, and will improve an item’s durability, Damage, and Parry Force. The Iron Mace can be upgraded to a quality level of 4. Each level requires an extra Forge level upgrade and 10, 20, and finally 30 Iron. At max quality, the Iron Mace can do 73 Blunt damage, has a parry force of 45, and is durable for about 350 hits.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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