How to Get a Christmas Tree in Valheim

Most of the furniture, decorations, and crafting items a player needs to survive and be comfortable in the world of Valheim need to be crafted, but there are a few decorations players can only get by finding them at random in the world or via cheats. One of these items is a Christmas Tree, a decoration that adds +1 to a player’s overall Comfort level, which in turn increases the length of time they can have the Rested buff active. Players may have seen some fans with this decorative evergreen in their homes. The tradition of the Christmas tree has some roots in the tradition of Yule in Norse culture. Because of this, players who participated in beta testing for Valheim had access to a Christmas Tree decoration, called the Yule Tree. It is still possible to get one, but players will need to use a cheat to do so.

To cheat in Valheim, players will need to use F5 to pull up the console and will need to enter the code imacheater to begin inputting cheat codes and console commands. There are many things players can do with cheats enabled, both in single-player games and multiplayer servers, including starting or ending random events and entering God Mode. The cheat code to get a Christmas Tree will also allow players to build other Christmas-themed items, like colorfully-wrapped presents, and will reveal the recipes for every item in the game while the hammer is equipped. Players will still need to gather the right reimgs to craft these decorations, however. Here’s how to craft a Christmas Tree in Valheim.

To access all the items in the game, including the holiday ones that have otherwise been hidden, players will need to open the console, input the imacheater code, and enter the code debugmode. They should see confirmation in the console that reads “Debugmode True” if this was input properly.

Players should note that, while cheating always comes with some level of risk, there is even greater risk while the game is still in Early Access. Players will need to make sure to back up their characters, worlds, and game files in case of any issues that might ruin their saves.

Next, players will need an upgraded Workbench nearby. Since it is most likely players will want their Christmas Tree in their home, this should not be a problem. Players will simply need to equip their hammer at home and use the Right Mouse Button to open the crafting menu. They will need to navigate to the Furniture tab.

At the bottom of the grid full of items, they should see the Yule Tree as an option. If it is greyed out, players will need to finish gathering the reimgs to craft it. It requires 10 Wood and 1 Fir Cone to build. Players will also see three furniture items that looked like wrapped presents. They can build these to place under their tree. If they want to get really festive, they can visit the Merchant and purchase the Yule Hat from him as well.

Though the presents and the hat are merely decorative, the Christmas Tree decoration has practical purpose, adding +1 Comfort to the player’s home. This will add 1 minute to the Rested buff players receive. The Rested buff increases the rate of Health and Stamina regeneration during the day. At a Comfort level of 0, this lasts for 7 minutes. Each level of Comfort adds another minute to that time, all the way up to level 17 Comfort.

It may also be possible to find a Christmas Tree in any of the abandoned houses in the Meadows biome. This is not guaranteed, however, and there is no way for a player to move a Christmas Tree they find. They will instead need to build around it. Cheating it into the game is the easiest way to access it.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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