How to Find (& Use) a Wishbone in Valheim

The Wishbone is a valuable item in Valheim. This guide will show players how to find and use this important item. Valheim has taken the world by storm since it entered its early access. During this time period, players are able to participate in helping build the game with important game design opinions or potential bugs and exploits that need to be patched out. The game has already gone on to sell over 5 million copies in just the first few weeks of its release and shows no sign of slowing down, especially for a game that isn’t officially released. Along your journey, you will encounter Wishbones that can be helpful to you. This guide will show players how to find and use these items

For starters, Wishbones can be used to find hidden and buried treasure in the world. All the player has to do is equip it and it will begin to project a green light. It acts somewhat as a metal detector would as the beeping will increase the closer the player is to find the treasure. The faster the beeping means the player is on the right track. Treasures can also be hidden underground so keep that in mind when using the Wishbones. Here is how players can find Wishbones in Valheim.

To find Wishbones, the player will need to defeat the boss of the Swamp area, Bonemass. Head through the Crypts and find 10 Withered Bones then head towards the summoning portal. Players can then summon the Bonemass and upon defeating it, it will drop the Wishbone as a reward. The best way to take it down is to keep your distance and use arrows to do some damage. Create a hammer as well when dealing with enemies in close combat. Avoid getting too close because the Bonemass has the potential to take you out within seconds. Once the player has defeated it, the Wishbone will belong to them.

Valheim will continue to generate new content for its players to enjoy. Considering how young the game is (it hasn’t even been officially released), there is tons of room for improvement. It may be years before the game enters version 1.0 but fans are there from the very beginning to help craft the game into something amazing. Only time will tell how much love and support will go into the game.

Valheim is available now on PC.

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