How to Defeat Fenrings in Valheim

There are werewolves in Valheim, and players may have heard them howling at night in the Mountains biome. These creatures are called Fenrings, and they typically only spawn during the night in the Mountains. Fenrings are large, brown, bipedal, werewolf-like creatures. Unlike regular wolves, they are not tameable, and their howl sounds different from that of a regular wolf’s. They tend to appear when the moon is out, and players caught out exploring after dark are very likely to encounter one.

Players can avoid Fenrings by staying indoors by a fire at nighttime in the Mountains, but they are worth hunting. This is because the Fenring is always guaranteed to drop a Wolf Fang when defeated. Wolf Fangs are valuable crafting items used to craft the Wolf Armor legs and the Fang Spear weapon. While Fenrings will spawn naturally, players can also use cheats to force one to spawn and farm it for drops. For brave players willing to face one of these terrifying beasts, here’s how to defeat Fenrings in Valheim.

Fenrings have about 300 HP. They have two major attacks they will use when engaged in combat with players: a regular swing with their claws, and a lunge attack that is followed by a swing or slam. Players can often figure out when the Fenring is about to use the second kind of attack because it will prepare with a crouch. They will want to block with a shield, as this attack can do around 70-80 damage at a time.

Fenrings also have the unique ability to summon a wolf pack to help them fight the player character. Wolves in Valheim are extremely aggressive and dangerous, and one or two bites can kill a player almost instantly. As wolf packs tend to have three or four wolves in them at a time, players can easily be overwhelmed trying to keep track of every creature attacking them.

To fight Fenrings and the wolves they summon, players are likely going to want melee weapons. Ranged weapons can work, but, because Fenrings and wolves can lunge, distance may not help the player much. Additionally, Fenrings will take bonus damage from weapons that can deal Spirit damage. Good options include the Silver Sword and Frostner. Players are encouraged to avoid venturing out in the Mountains at night until they have one of these weapons.

Parrying, while normally a useful tactic to avoid a creature’s blows, is less useful against a Fenring. They can recover very quickly from a parry, and players are unlikely to get more than a few quick attacks in before they are back on the offensive.

When defeated, Fenrings always drop at least one Wolf Fang, and each one has around a 10% chance to drop a Fenring Trophy. The trophy is of one of the creature’s paws, and players can mount this item in their home as a testament to their strength and moxie. It is likely players will see more from the Fenrings in future updates while Valheim continues its Early Access period.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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