How To Change Clubhouse Profile Picture

Changing a Clubhouse profile picture is easy to do and not really any different to how it is done on other apps. Clubhouse is a new app and operates slightly differently to other social media services. Due to this, it does come with somewhat of a learning curve, although changing a profile picture is not going to be something new Clubhouse users need to adjust to.

Clubhouse launched in 2020 and has so far provided to be a popular app. However, part of that popularity comes down to its exclusivity, considering so few are able to actually use it. At present the app is understood to have more than eight million users, and all of them have had to be invited to use the service and can only access it on an iOS device.

One of the aspects that many new users will most likely want to do fairly soon after signing up to the service is customize their profile and app experience. Changing a profile picture is arguably one of those first actions and doing so works just like it does in any other app. The new user just needs to head to their profile page, tap on the profile photo icon, and then select an image from their phone’s camera roll. Once selected, saving the photo will update the Clubhouse profile picture with the new one.

Even before adding a new profile image, new users will almost certainly see there is a party emoji attached to the profile picture. However, this is nothing to worry about and isn’t something new users can remove themselves. While many associate this emoji with a party or celebration, Clubhouse actually uses it to determine ‘new user’ status. Therefore, all new Clubhouse users automatically have the emoji attached to their profile picture and it will disappear after a few days.

The party emoji is one example of the changes and unique Clubhouse ways that new users will need to adjust to and embrace when using the service. Unlike others, Clubhouse does not focus on text or images, but on conversations and moving between rooms and Clubs. In addition, getting an invite to give to someone else can prove just as hard as it was for the new user to get their own invite. While many of these aspects might change as the service evolves and becomes more readily available, others, including the use of rooms and how to change a Clubhouse profile picture won’t.

Source: Clubhouse

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