How to Catch Midnight Carp in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley may be a life simulation game about farming in a rural town, but there’s more to do than planting seeds. Players can mine for reimgs, explore dungeons, and also use fishing rods to catch fish from bodies of water they come across. While some fish are relatively common, others are a little more difficult to find. One such fish is the Midnight Carp.

Midnight Carp is a rare fish species that only has a chance of being caught in a few specific locations. While it can be used in recipes that require any fish, like Sashimi, it’s one of the three ingredients necessary to make Seafoam Pudding. This unusual item can be used to not only restore a substantial amount of health but also to buff the player’s fishing prowess for a select amount of time. Players will want to get their hands on it if they plan to catch a lot of fish, so here’s where the Midnight Carp can be located.

Players that begin a new Stardew Valley save file will be unable to obtain Midnight Carp right off the bat. This special fish is only available during the Fall and Winter seasons of the game, and each new file begins on the first day of Spring. Unlike other life simulation games, the progression of seasons in Stardew Valley is not in real-time. Each one only lasts 28 in-game days, so players must wait 56 days to progress to Fall for the carp to appear. Those currently in the midst of a save file in that time span can begin searching straight away! As its name suggests, it has a very short window of appearance, only having a chance to show up between 10 at night to 2 in the morning.

There are three locations in the Stardew Valley map that the Midnight Carp is native to. Follow the river in Pelican town north to reach The Mountain, the first area the fish can be caught in. For the next location, head southwest from Pelican town to enter the Cindersap Forest. This area is a little different than the others, because it has two separate bodies of water to fish from a river and a pond. The Midnight Carp is only native to the pond, in the eastern side of the area, so go there to look for it. Lastly, Ginger Island is home to fish as well. Fish at either its pond or river to encounter one, provided the time conditions have been met.

Stardew Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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