How to Breed Animals in Valheim

Without a doubt, some of the most important reimgs for players to get their hands on in Valheim are those that can only be gotten by killing animals. Each of the game’s animals will provide players with both meat that can be cooked to increase health/stamina and hide that can be used to craft better weapons and armor. Those who progress further in the game will want to invest quite a bit of time in acquiring reimgs from these animals.

The issue here though is that this can actually be quite a bit of work. If the player realizes that they actually need a piece of meat or some leather scraps from a boar they have to roam the world and find one out in the wild. This can be pretty annoying for players, so the better way to handle this is to instead tame and breed animals themselves. This guide shows how to get animals to breed.

Those who want to breed animals will first need to be able to tame those animals. Each of the tameable animals in Valheim likes to eat a specific type of food, and feeding them these foods over time will domesticate them. There are currently three different types of animals that players can tame in Valheim:

The trick to these animals is that players will want to build some kind of fence to trap them in before attempting to tame them. Once they have been trapped the player can just continue tossing in food to the animal until they have become tame. Players can then lead in at least one more animal to this pen before taming them as well if they want to start breeding animals.

With at least two tame animals in close proximity to each other, the player will then just need to toss more food in the pen to make them happy and give them a chance to breed. The whole process is a simple as that, and doing this can give players access to a huge amount of reimgs in no time at all.

Valheim can be played on PC.

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