How Old Were The Olsen Twins When They Started Full House? & 9 Other Questions About Their Acting Careers, Answered

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born in 1986 and have been famous for their entire lives. They got started on Full House sharing the role of Michelle, but they quickly developed their own projects and made good use of their cuteness. The actresses always had a love for fashion and brought that into their brand while still children.

The fandom for Mary-Kate and Ashley has never really died down, and everyone wants to know all about the talented twins. There is so much to learn about their lives and careers; they’re truly pop culture icons.

Most fans of the Olsen twins know that they were just babies when they started Full House, and it’s easy to see that much from watching the first season of the sitcom.

Ashley and Mary-Kate were six months old when they were chosen to play Michelle Tanner. Legend has it that the Olsens beat out nine other pairs of twins for the role, and the girls were nine months old in the first few episodes of Full House.

The Olsen twins had a phenomenal “baby wrangler” and eventual studio teacher named Adria Later. Later worked on ET and was Steven Spielberg’s favorite set teacher. Adria Later cared for the twins when they were babies, and once they could speak, she crouched off to the side and fed them their lines.

The twins would sometimes split episodes evenly. On a few occasions, they got to share the screen – a Greek cousin looked a lot like Michelle in season four, and an angel and a devil in Michelle’s likeness appeared on her shoulder in season five, for example.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were eight years old when Full House’s season finale aired. Some fans have never been satisfied with the two-part finale, which is focused on Michelle having amnesia after a horseback riding accident. The final bow was an emotional time for the whole cast, but the twins had plenty of other acting projects ahead of them.

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