How Monarch Has Changed In Godzilla vs. Kong

The MonsterVerse’s Monarch organization has changed a bit leading up to the events of Godzilla vs. Kong. Monarch has generally been home to the franchise’s good guys, at the center of every major titan incident, trying to create peace and harmony between humanity and the giant beasts that walk the Earth beside them. The international group will continue to play a significant role in Godzilla vs. Kong, which releases in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31.

When Legendary and Warner Bros. set out to create a kaiju cinematic universe, they needed a connective tissue to tie the different films and monsters together. Monarch has been that central nexus for the MonsterVerse, playing a role in every film so far as the classified human response team for all MonsterVerse threats. Members of Monarch have often been friends of the titans, championing Godzilla in particular as a potential ally and cohabitant of humanity, rather than a dangerous foe.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, however, it seems that Monarch is adopting a less harmonious approach to human-titan relations. A report from Collider has revealed that the organization will be focusing on titan removal in the new film in response to rising public fear over the danger posed by the beasts. Apparently, Monarch’s new mission is to lure or drive the titans back into the Hollow Earth where they came from to keep them separate from humanity and the rest of the surface world. The group has also become much more public in the five years since Godzilla: King of the Monsters, leading to a more formal military structure.

Of course, Monarch won’t be the only human group at work in Godzilla vs. Kong. The mysterious Apex cybernetics group, recently revealed to be villains in the film, will also be entering the fray. The confirmation that Apex is building a mecha-kaiju with King Ghidorah’s head implies that Apex is connected to King of the Monsters villain Alan Jonah (Charles Dance), as he was in possession of Ghidorah’s head when it was last seen. Apex could present a direct human opponent for Monarch, in addition to the ongoing titan threat.

Those rising dangers are likely what compel some members of Monarch to turn to Kong as a would-be champion. With Godzilla positioned as a villain (possibly due to mind control by Apex) and Mecha-Ghidorah potentially on the way, Monarch seems to be turning to Kong in desperation. The result of those efforts and the great ape’s battle with Godzilla won’t be fully revealed until Godzilla vs. Kong releases on March 31.

Source: Collider

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